M Night Shyamalan Reveals ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ Sequel Release Date

Split with James McAvoy tops box office
James McAvoy stars in ‘Split’ (Photo © 2016 Universal Pictures)

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan took to Twitter and in a series of tweets revealed he’s working on the sequel to 2000’s Unbreakable and 2017’s critically acclaimed box office hit Split. The world of Unbreakable intersected with Split in that film’s final act, and now M. Night Shyamalan has confirmed Glass – a sequel to both films – will be released by Universal Pictures on January 18, 2019. Shyamalan also revealed Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy will be reprising their roles in 2019’s Glass.

Here are @MNightShyamalan’s tweets announcing the sequel:

Okay. Here we go. Finished the new script.

It’s taken 17 years but I can finally answer the #1 question I get, “Are you making a f#&@ing sequel to Unbreakable or what?”

My new film is the sequel to #Unbreakable AND #Split. It was always my dream to have both films collide in this third film.

The iconic Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn

The incomparable @SamuelLJackson will return as Elijah Price/Mr. Glass

The virtuoso #JamesMcAvoy returns as Kevin Wendell Crumb, Patricia, Dennis, Hedwig, Barry, Jade, Orwell, The Beast, Heinrich, Norma, Pol-

And the prodigy, @AnyaTaylorJoy will return as Casey Cooke

I’m reteaming with my partners @jason_blum and @Universalpics for this crazy comic book thriller.

And the film is called GLASS…

Universal Pictures will release #Glass on January 18, 2019 all over the world. How’s that for not keeping a secret!