Madonna’s MDNA Show Coming on DVD

Madonna MDNAIf you couldn’t catch Madonna on the road during her MDNA tour, you’ll soon be able to check out the experience on DVD and Blu-ray beginning August 27, 2013. Interscope Records is releasing the DVD directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and shot throughout the sold-out 29 country tour.
“Madonna spent six months personally editing the video footage from 30 cameras and many different shows to put together the MDNA DVD. Her attention to every frame, every detail and nuance and total commitment to show her creative vision has been done to perfection. Each song is like a short movie. One minute you are in an action movie and the next you’re at a golden era musical before shooting across to India and back for a house party to finish. It’s better than any 3-D Imax movie out there and at a break neck pace that would make any Olympian struggle for breath,” said the show’s co-director and supervising editor, Danny B. Tull.
“My show is a journey.. the journey of a soul from darkness to light. It is part cinematic musical theatre, part spectacle and sometimes intimate performance art. I know people can relate to it. It’s very important to me as an artist that my show not be taken out of context. It must be watched with an open heart from beginning to end.. I am sure if it is viewed this way, the viewer will walk away feeling inspired, invigorated and will want to make the world a better place.. And this of course is my intention,” stated Madonna.
Source: Interscope Records

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