Season 4 Masterchef Finalists Announced

Masterchef Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot

Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay (C), restaurateur Joe Bastianich (R) and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot (L) return for Season Four of the culinary smash hit 'MASTERCHEF' - Photo Credit: Matt Hoyle / FOX

The season four finalists competing for a cookbook deal, $250,000, and the title of Masterchef have been revealed. Masterchef judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot put this season’s aspiring chefs through a ‘lamb challenge’ in order to narrow the field of competitors who would be advancing to compete in individual challenges this season, with a stay-at-home mom, a former NFL player, and a boxing coach among the cooks chosen by the judges to continue on in the competition.
According to Fox, this season’s finalists will cook for American heroes as well as surfers and the cast of Glee. They’ll also travel to Vegas later this season for one challenge while another episode will find those left standing putting together a summer party menu for charity volunteers.

2013 Masterchef Finalists

Krissi Biasiello – Age: 34, Hometown: Philadelphia, PA – Occupation: Paralegal
Jonny Blanchard – Age: 28, Hometown: Marlboro, MA – Occupation: Carpenter
Lynn Chyi – Age: 27, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: IT Systems Administrator
Natasha Crnjac – Age: 26, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom
Bime Cruz – Age: 35, Hometown: Taunton, MA – Occupation: Boxing Coach
Sasha Foxx – Age: 42, Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL – Occupation: Singer
Malcolm Green – Age: 27, Hometown: Cambridge, MA – Occupation: Unemployed
Adriana Guillen – Age: 26, Hometown: New York, NY – Occupation: College Admissions Rep.
Eddie Jackson – Age: 32, Hometown: Americus, GA – Occupation: Personal Trainer/Former Pro Football Player
Beth Kirby – Age: 29, Hometown: Chattanooga, TN – Occupation: Writer/Photographer
Bri Kozior – Age: 22, Hometown: Doylestown, PA – Occupation: Theatre Assistant
Jessie Lysiak – Age: 27, Hometown: Social Circle, GA – Occupation: Yacht Stewardess
Luca Manfe – Age: 31, Hometown: Astoria, NY – Occupation: Restaurant Manager
James Nelson – Age: 26, Hometown: Victoria, TX – Occupation: Retail Sales
Kathy Prieto – Age: 29, Hometown: Bronx, NY – Occupation: Office Assistant
Jordan Roots – Age: 29, Hometown: Minneapolis, MN – Occupation: Delivery Driver
Bethy Rossos – Age: 28, Hometown: Estacada, OR – Occupation: High School P.E. Teacher
Howard Simpson – Age: 26, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: Barback
Savannah Sturgess – Age: 27, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: Special Ed. Teacher
Source: Fox

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