Morgan Freeman Lends His Voice to a Documentary on Leonardo da Vinci

Morgan Freeman to narrate Mona Lisa Myth
Morgan Freeman (Photo © Richard Chavez)

Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman has been tapped to narrate The Mona Lisa Myth from writer/director Jean-Pierre Isbouts. The documentary, which was shot in Florence, is based on the book of the same title from Isbouts and Dr. Christopher Brown, and Brown’s involved in the documentary as an executive producer

In the film, Alessandro Demcenko portrays Leonardo da Vinci with help from Peter Xifo who tackles the final years of Leonardo.

According to Pantheon Studios, this is just the first in a planned trilogy of films that will provide an in-depth examination of da Vinci’s life. The second film will be titled Secrets of the Last Supper.

The Plot:

The Mona Lisa Myth shows how Leonardo, penniless and destitute after the fall of Milan, was compelled to paint the “Mona Lisa” in exchange for winning a fresco contract from the city of Florence. The film also reveals that he actually painted two Mona Lisa portraits, one of which emerged from a Swiss vault in 2012.

Top curators from the Louvre, the London National Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Munich Pinakothek and the Vatican Museums are likewise featured.

Source: Pantheon Studios

-By Rebecca Murray

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