The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman Top the Most Anticipated Summer Movies List

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr in The Avengers
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr in 'The Avengers' - © 2011 Marvel Studios
According to Fandango, men are most excited about checking out The Avengers while women are most interested in watching Snow White and the Huntsman (and, coincidentally, both movies feature Chris Hemsworth). The online movie ticketing service recently conducted a survey of thousands of moviegoers to find out which summer release is on their must-see list, with women opting for the fairy tale drama while men went for the full-on action movies The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.
“It’s clear from the Fandango survey that there’s something for both men and women at the movies this summer,” said Fandango Editor-in-Chief Chuck Walton. “After an incredible first quarter, Hollywood is delivering even more spectacular choices for moviegoers in what’s shaping up to be one of the biggest summers in years. As our survey indicates, all eyes will be on Chris Hemsworth. The Australian heartthrob, who stars as ‘Thor’ in The Avengers and as the male lead in Snow White and The Huntsman, sits atop both the men’s and women’s ‘Most Anticipated’ lists.”

Men’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1. “The Avengers” 31%
2. “The Dark Knight Rises” 23%
3. “The Bourne Legacy” 14%
4. “Men in Black 3” 8%
5. “Prometheus” 7%
Women’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1. “Snow White and the Huntsman” 22%
2. “The Avengers” 16%
3. “Men in Black 3” 13%
4. “The Dark Knight Rises” 10%
5. “Dark Shadows” 8%
Source: Fandango