‘The Simpsons’ Nancy Cartwright Holds Her First Art Exhibition

Nancy Cartwright Exhibition

Emmy-winning voice-over artist Nancy Cartwright will be holding her first art gallery exhibition during this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The exhibition is open to the public and will take place at the Chuck Jones Gallery (232 Fifth Avenue) on Saturday, July 23rd at 7:30pm PT. The Chuck Jones Gallery is named after Oscar winner Chuck Jones who won an Academy Award in the Best Short Subject, Cartoons category as well as an Honorary Oscar that was presented to him in 1996 by Robin Williams for “the creation of classic cartoons which have brought worldwide joy for more than half a century.”

The Chuck Jones Gallery is dedicated to the art of the animated film which makes it the perfect location to host an exhibition of Nancy Cartwright’s work. Cartwright has spent decades entertaining TV audiences of all ages as the voice Bart Simpson in The Simpsons. She also brought Mindy to life in Animaniacs, Gloria in Richie Rich, Rufus the Naked Mole Rat in Kim Possible, and Chuckie in Rugrats. Cartwright also provided the voice of the character Earl Squirrel in Thomas TimberWolf, Chuck Jones’ final creation.

Paintings and sculptures created by Nancy Cartwright will be on display at the event which is just blocks from the San Diego Convention Center where Comic Con will be held July 21-July 24. Cartwright’s sculptures of Bart Simpson as ‘Bartman’ are currently on display at USC’s Cinematic Arts Complex and outside the News Corp building in New York.