Once Upon a Time‘s Getting a Mad Hatter Spin-Off?

Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter in 'Once Upon a Time' - Photo © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Deadline’s reporting ABC’s popular fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time could be launching a spin-off. According to the report, the powers-that-be at ABC are considering giving the Mad Hatter character his own show.
If this idea does move forward, it would be without the actor who has already played the role in Once Upon a Time. Sebastian Stan has other commitments, including a return to the world of superheroes with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and apparently would not be available to handle the duties of a spin-off series.
Is it a good idea? Do we really need more of the Mad Hatter? ABC bigwigs think it’s a definite possibility that audiences would answer yes to both those questions. After ABC locates a new actor to take over the role, they could have the Mad Hatter return to the series to see if he’s still as popular with audiences as he was in the first go-around. Deadline also says it’s a possibility the network will film a “short presentation with the character” to determine if a spin-off might catch on.

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