Paranormal Activity 3 Screens Early in 20 Cities

A scene from 'Paranormal Activity 3'
A scene from 'Paranormal Activity 3' - © Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures’ revealed the winners of the ‘Tweet to See It First’ campaign, and 20 cities were selected to see Paranormal Activity 3 on October 18th, three days before the film officially opens in theaters. And the 20 top vote-getting cities were:
Houston, TX
Vancouver, BC Canada
Phoenix, AZ
San Antonio, TX
Melbourne, VIC Australia
Fresno, CA
Ciudad de Panama, Panama
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Orlando, FL
Dallas, TX
Toronto, ON Canada
Tel Aviv, Israel
Chicago, IL
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Austin, TX
Miami, FL
London UK
Sheffield UK
“‘The response to the ‘Tweet to See it First’ campaign proved to us the immense global strength of the franchise, with fans from as far as Panama and Tel Aviv to San Antonio and Vancouver competing to see this film first. The 3rd installment is as scary and entertaining as the first and we’re confident that these advance screenings will spark strong social conversation around the world in advance of the film’s opening.” stated Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures, in the press release announcing the winning cities.
If you live in one of the above mentioned cities – or don’t mind traveling because you really, really want to see Paranormal Activity 3 a little early – visit for ticket details.
Source: Paramount Pictures