PBS Changes Up ‘History Detectives’


History Detectives

PBS is bringing back History Detectives with a new format in 2014. The new set-up finds the series now tagged as HDSI-History Detectives Special Investigation (that’s the working title) and made up of four one-hour programs. The new format will focus on a new detective and one new story each episode.

Wes Cowan and Tukufu Zuberi return as History Detectives, joined in 2014 by Barnard College, Columbia University professor Kaiama Glover.

“We are thrilled to bring the detectives back to solve famous mysteries from American history,” stated Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming Executive and General Manager of General Audience Programming for PBS. “With the new program format and a fresh face added to the team, HDSI sheds new light on historical moments and revamps a treasured show.”

The Plot Details:

Each new hour-long episode will ask probing questions behind a single iconic mystery from America’s past. What was behind the tragic sinking of the SS Sultana at the end of the American Civil War? Can we solve the mystery of the Austin Servant Girl Murders of the 1880s? Did a Mafia kingpin’s darkest secret trigger Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance? And what led to the mysterious disappearance of big band leader Glenn Miller during World War II?

The HDSI team will bring cutting edge tools to some of our biggest historical mysteries. As they unearth fresh evidence, sift through clues and crisscross the country in search of answers, they reveal new perspectives on stories we thought we knew.

Watch a clip from last season:


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