Seth MacFarlane to Guest Voice on The Simpsons

Seth MacFarlane on the Ted set
Seth MacFarlane on the 'Ted' set - Photo © Universal Pictures
Why hasn’t this happened before? We don’t know, but it’s now confirmed by Fox that Seth MacFarlane will make his first guest-voicing appearance on The Simpsons‘ season finale. The one-hour episode titled “The Saga of Carl/Dangers On A Train” will air on May 19, 2013 on Fox and will also feature Lisa Lampanelli in a guest-starring voice role.
Family Guy creator MacFarlane (and the mastermind behind the R-rated talking teddy bear comedy, Ted) will be providing the voice of “a charming married man whom Marge (Julie Kavner) inadvertently meets on a swingers’ website.”
The season finale will also air the winning ‘couch gag’ segment at the beginning of the second episode of the one-hour finale.
Details on the Season Finale:
In the first part of the season finale event, Homer (Dan Castellaneta), Moe (Hank Azaria), Lenny (Harry Shearer) and Carl (Azaria) win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery. But when Carl takes off to Iceland – his homeland – with all the winnings, the guys embark on a Nordic adventure to get the cash back. Then, in the second part of the season finale episode, Marge mistakes a swinging Ashley Madison-type website for a Dolly Madison-type cupcake site, not realizing it’s a destination for married people seeking liaisons. On the site, she meets the charming “Ben” (guest voice MacFarlane), who pursues her after they learn they share a love for a Downton Abbey-type TV series, Upton Rectory. Ben’s wife is guest-voiced by comic Lisa Lampanelli.
Source: Fox

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