Delayed Reaction From Soul Asylum is Here

Soul Asylum Delayed ReactionAnd by ‘here’ I mean it’s in stores now.

Soul Asylum’s first album in six years (Delayed Reaction) drops today featuring a new ‘recalibrated’ lineup led by founders Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy. Ex-Replacements/ex-Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson subs in for Karl Mueller who passed away in 2006, and Prince’s former drummer Michael Bland is also part of this new Soul Asylum lineup.

Recorded in LA, New Orleans, and Minneapolis, Delayed Reaction was produced by the band. “It feels like approaching it as an album and a thing that has a sequence, and a thing that is a piece of work in itself is almost an archaic process… Honestly, it’s more organic,” said Pirner. “Even though you’re using some of this newer technology, the fact that you’re doing it yourself is what made it take so long and the process unique, this time.”

Delayed Reaction Track Listing:

1. Gravity
2. Into The Light
3. The Streets
4. By The Way
5. Pipe Dream
6. Let’s All Kill Each Other
7. Cruel Intentions
8. The Juice
9. Take Manhattan
10. I Should’ve Stayed In Bed

Source: 429 Records