Stephen Moyer and Jaime Murray Star in Jan

Stephen Moyer, Caitlin Gerard, Jaime Murray in "Jan"
Stephen Moyer, Caitlin Gerard, Jaime Murray in "Jan" on the new YouTube channel WIGS. (PRNewsFoto/WIGS)
What’s Jan and where can I see it? Good questions. Jan is a new series on the just-launched digital channel ‘WIGS’ filmmakers Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia. WIGS debuted this month on YouTube and will feature “original series, short films, documentaries and other content exploring female characters.”
Jan was written and directed by Jon Avnet and stars True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer, Caitlin Gerard, Virginia Madsen, Alexandra Holden, Jaime Murray, Kyle Gallner, Iddo Goldberg, Laura Spencer, Dorothy Davis, Allison McAtee, Andrea De Oliveria, John Ales, and Cass Castelow. The first three episodes are now available for viewing, with 12 more coming out over the next four weeks on or
“It was a pleasure working with Stephen and Virginia,” stated Jon Avnet. “Seeing how encouraging and supportive they were of Caitlin, Laura and Kyle made the experience really memorable. And after completing the series, hearing Stephen and Virginia speak so glowingly of these younger performers was the icing on the cake.”
The Plot:
Jan (Caitlin Gerard) wins a national competition that allows her to assist acclaimed photographer, Mel Karpova (Virginia Madsen). It’s a dream first job, but a series of blunders make it feel more like a nightmare. An unlikely upside is the attention of a movie star, Gerald Noth (Stephen Moyer), at a photo shoot. However, his constant knight-in-shining-armor attempts to help Jan often cause even more trouble for her. Jan’s journey becomes increasingly chaotic when her deeply troubled ex-boyfriend Robbie (Kyle Gallner) enters her life again.
Source: WIGS
Posted by Rebecca Murray