‘Survivor’ Season 36 Castaways Announced

Survivor Season 36 Castaways
The 20 castaways competing on ‘Survivor’ season 36 (Photo: Robert Voets ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

CBS’ long-running reality competition series Survivor just announced the castaways who’ll be attempting to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in order to take home the $1 million grand prize in season 36. The upcoming season’s cast members will include an Army veteran, a marine animal trainer, a yoga instructor, a male model, and a music teacher.

Jeff Probst will once again host the Emmy Award-winning series which will debut on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 8pm ET/PT. Season 36 will kick off with a two-hour premiere that will introduce the 20 new castaways.

Per CBS, the upcoming season will have a “Ghost Island” theme and will feature the two teams of 10 attempting to steer clear of the mistakes of previous Survivor castaways. “Survivor continues to be a complicated game of social politics and everything rests on one’s ability to make the right decision at the right time,” said executive producer and host Jeff Probst. “This season, Ghost Island serves as a constant reminder that one bad decision can haunt a player forever.”

Season 36 Details: In a new twist, players may be sent to a separate haunted island filled with Survivor relics from the previous 35 seasons of the show. The question is: will these new players be able to learn from the past mistakes of others and “reverse the curse,” or will the past come back to haunt them? Showcasing the series’ extensive history, Ghost Island is filled with real idols and advantages from previous seasons, including from Brazil, China, Africa and Australia, serving as a haunted graveyard for unfortunate choices made by former players.

Survivor Season 36 Castaways:


    Angela Perkins, 42 Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Army Veteran

    Chelsea Townsend, 24 Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah EMT

    Desiree Afuye, 21 Hometown: Newark, N.J. Student

    Kellyn Bechtold, 31 Hometown: North Manchester, Ind. Career Counselor

    Morgan Ricke, 29 Hometown: New Albany, Ind. Marine Animal Trainer

    Bradley Kleihege, 26 Hometown: Haslett, Mich. Law Student

    Chris Noble, 27 Hometown: Florida Keys, Fla. Male Model

    Domenick Abbate, 38 Hometown: Nesconset, N.Y. Construction Supervisor

    Sebastian Noel, 22 Hometown: Melbourne, Fla. Fishing Guide

    Wendell Holland, 33 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. Furniture Designer


    Jenna Bowman, 23 Hometown: Detroit, Mich. Account Executive

    Laurel Johnson, 29 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. Financial Consultant

    Libby Vincek, 24 Hometown: Houston, Texas Social Media Strategist

    Stephanie Gonzalez, 26 Hometown: Ocala, Fla. via Puerto Rico Graphic Sales

    Stephanie Johnson, 34 Hometown: Boise, Idaho Yoga Instructor

    Brendan Shapiro, 41 Hometown: Herndon, Va. Physical Education Teacher

    Donathan Hurley, 26 Hometown: Phelps, Ky. Caretaker

    Jacob Derwin, 22 Hometown: Merrick, N.Y. Music Teacher

    James Lim, 24 Hometown: Los Angeles Business Analyst

    Michael Yerger, 18 Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn. Real Estate Agent