Comedy Central Greenlights 3 New Series

Jeff Ross in The Burn
Jeff Ross stars in 'The Burn' - Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central
Jeff Ross, Andrew Daly, and Nathan Fielder will be headlining three new shows just given the greenlight by Comedy Central. Ross will star in The Burn, Daly is set for Review with Forrest MacNeil, and Fielder will star in Nathan For You for the network. Production on The Burn will begin this spring with Comedy Central planning to premiere the show this summer.
Comedy Central Kent Alterman, Head of Original Programming and Production, made the announcement and had this to say about Jeff Ross: “Jeff embodies comedy past and comedy future simultaneously, and we are excited to be in the present with him.”
To which Ross responded, “Thank you Comedy Central. My mission is clear. To rip the world a new a**hole one crack at a time. I can’t wait to get started.”
The Burn Plot:
In The Burn, Ross will be joined by a group of fellow comics to skewer the week’s hot topics and head into the field to take aim at public figures and current events. Known as the “Meanest Man in Comedy” by New York Magazine and “an heir apparent to such old-school masters as Buddy Hackett and Rodney Dangerfield,” by The New York Times, Ross has appeared in the last nine Comedy Central Roasts and authored the book, I Only Roast the Ones I Love: Busting Balls Without Burning Bridges, that was released in 2009.
Review with Forrest MacNeil Plot:
Review with Forrest MacNeil is a half-hour comedy starring Daly as “Forrest MacNeil.” Unlike typical critics who review boring things like films, food or art, MacNeil reviews the most intense experiences of life itself…by living them. He reviews anything his TV audience throws at him: the adrenaline rush of stealing, the trauma of divorce, the harrowing effects of murder, the wonder and joy of anonymous sex and stops at nothing to show us what any and every experience in life feels like. And, for our convenience, he rates every adventure on a scale of zero to five stars. MacNeil’s unwavering commitment to his work means his answers to life’s most challenging questions often come at the expense of his wife, his children, his co-workers and humanity in general.
Nathan For You Plot:
Nathan For You is a half-hour comedy starring Canadian writer-comedian Nathan Fielder (Jon Benjamin Has A Van, Important Things with Demetri Martin). Armed with a business degree and drawing from his limited life experiences, Nathan gives advice to real people and struggling businesses each week. Thinking that his business background gives him carte blanche to help real businesses and people in all walks of life, Nathan’s unorthodox approach usually does more harm than good. Nathan is to small businesses what Gordon Ramsay is to floundering restaurants. Only much much worse. 
Source: Comedy Central – May 8, 2012
Posted by Rebecca Murray