Michael Clarke Duncan Signs on to The Challenger

Michael Clarke Duncan at the Super 8 Premiere
Michael Clarke Duncan at the 'Super 8' Premiere - Photo © Richard Chavez
The cast of The Challenger has just increased by two, with Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) and Emmy Award winner S. Epatha Meckerson (Lackawanna Blues) coming on board the boxing drama. They join a cast that includes Justin Hartley, Ernie Sabella, and Lindsay Hartley.
Kent Moran wrote, directs and stars in the drama, with his Wishing Well Pictures production company producing The Challenger. Shooting is expected to begin this month in New York City.
The Plot:
When he and his adopted mother are evicted from their home, struggling Bronx auto mechanic Jaden Miller (Kent Moran) is forced back into the one thing he’s run from his entire life: fighting. With the help of a legendary trainer (Michael Clarke Duncan), Miller will do everything in his power to save his family from living on the streets.