‘The Rain’ Sci-Fi Thriller Renewed for Season 2

The Rain Season 1 Cast
The cast of ‘The Rain’ season 1 (Photo Credit: Per Arnesen / Netflix)

The suspenseful thriller The Rain has picked up a second season order from Netflix. The Rain, the network’s first original Danish series, will begin production on the second season later in 2018. Netflix is targeting a 2019 premiere.

“We’re so thankful for the success of the show and the overwhelmingly positive response from audiences. We’re really excited to be able to do a second season of The Rain. We still have a lot of stories to tell about our characters and much more to explore in our universe, and can’t wait for everyone to be able to see it,”said series co-creator and head writer Jannik Tai Mosholt.

Esben Toft Jacobsen (The Great Bear, Beyond Beyond) and Christian Potalivo (Dicte, The New Tenants, Long Story Short) also co-created the series. Alba August (Reliance), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (A Royal Affair), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes), Lars Simonsen (The Bridge), Sonny Lindberg (The Legacy), Jessica Dinnage (The Guilty), Lukas Løkken (One-Two-Three Now!) and Johannes Kuhnke (Force Majeure) starred in season one which debuted on May 4, 2018.


Commenting on the renewal, Netflix Vice President of International Originals Kelly Luegenbiehl said, “We’re really excited to team up with the talented cast and our team of amazing creators for another season. The Rain has a relatable and human story at its core and touches on universal themes everyone can identify with. The fact that season 1 reached audiences all over the world, proves once again that strong stories can transcend borders.”

The Season 1 Plot: The world as we know it has ended. Six years after a brutal virus carried by the rain wipes out almost all humans in Scandinavia, two Danish siblings emerge from the safety of their bunker to find all remnants of civilization gone. Soon they join a group of young survivors and together set out on a danger-filled quest through an abandoned Scandinavia, searching for any sign of life.

Set free from their collective past and societal rules, the group has the freedom to be who they want to be. In their struggle for survival, they discover that even in a post-apocalyptic world there’s still love, jealousy, and many of the coming of age dilemmas they thought they’d left behind with the disappearance of the world they once knew.

Who will you be when the rain comes?