The Situation Goes From ‘Jersey Shore’ to His Own Family Reality Series

Mike Sorrentino Interview
The Sorrentinos (Photo: TVGN)

Best known to MTV’s Jersey Shore viewers as ‘The Situation’, Mike Sorrentino will soon be starring in a different kind of reality series. Debuting on July 15, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT on TVGN, The Sorrentinos focuses on Mike’s life post-Jersey Shore and how he’s putting himself back together following his time spent on that reality series.

The Sorrentinos has an eight episode order on TVGN.

The Sorrentinos Plot:

The Sorrentinos will follow the Sorrentino family—Mike (youngest brother), Linda (mother), Marc (middle brother), Melissa (sister) and Frank (older brother) as they embark on life after reality in their hometown of Howell, New Jersey.

The Sorrentinos spotlights one of world’s biggest reality TV stars in the aftermath of fame and scrutiny. Mike is sober, finished with Jersey Shore, taking a serious stab at an acting career and also looking to set the record straight once and for all about who he really is. The stakes are high. Not many get a second chance for a first impression and to add to the mix, Mike’s loving but quirky family are along for the ride.

The series will follow the entire Sorrentino family who are in the midst of major life changes. Melissa, Mike’s sister and the glue that holds the family together, is engaged and preparing for a wedding. She also is tasked with helping her mom, fondly referred to as “Peaches,” find a man worthy of her time as Melissa helps her traverse the scary world of dating. Middle brother Marc is pursuing his passion of music trying to make it to the top as DJ and at the same time, making a career for himself with the families tanning business which he runs. While Frank, the eldest, is revisiting acting, something he loved and had success at as a child. The only things bigger than the Sorrentino’s dreams, are their hearts and love for one another. Bonds like these either make you or break you because family, at the end of the day, is everything.