Writers Guild Honors Tom Stoppard With the Laurel Award

Tom Stoppard
Tom Stoppard - Photo Credit: Matt Humphrey

Tom Stoppard has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Laurel Award for Screen by the Writers Guild of America, West. The critically acclaimed screenwriter and playwright will receive the award at the February 17, 2013 ceremony in Los Angeles.
The Laurel Award is given to a writer to honor a “lifetime achievement in outstanding writing for motion pictures.”
“A television writer since 1965 and a screenwriter since 1975, Tom Stoppard brings wit, elegance, and heart to all he composes. We did not want to let his acknowledged brilliance as a playwright to blind us to his dramatic talents in our own field. From The Romantic Englishwoman through Despair, The Human Factor, Brazil, Empire of the Sun, The Russia House, Billy Bathgate, Shakespeare in Love, Enigma, Vatel, and this past year’s Anna Karenina, Stoppard’s screenplays delight, disturb, entrance. Whether adapting the masters – Nabokov, Greene, Ballard, le Carré, Doctorow, Tolstoy – or crafting his own tales, Stoppard brings dignity and coherence to the act of imagination,” stated WGAW Vice President Howard A. Rodman.
Past winners of the Laurel Award include David Mamet, Lawrence Kasdan, Robert Benton, Barry Levinson, Steven Zaillian, and Eric Roth.
Source: WGA

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