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Trinity McCray "Naomi", Ariane Andrew "Cameron", Natalie Neidhart "Natalya", Nicole Garcia-Colace "Nikki Bella", and Brianna Garcia-Colace "Brie Bella" from 'Total Divas' (Photo by Timothy White/E!)
Total Divas is proving to be such a big draw for E! that the network’s ordered six new episodes of the series. The show, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the WWE Divas, has just set a first season high of 1.7 million viewers with its third episode. The series currently airs on Sunday nights at 10pm, with the just-ordered new episodes set to air beginning on November 17, 2013.
Announcing the extended first season, Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Program Development stated: “Our audience has embraced Total Divas in a big way and we’re excited to build on the show’s tremendous momentum with six additional episodes. For many women, WWE Divas possess aspirational personalities because of their glamorous lifestyles and international stardom, but it’s their genuine and dynamic personal lives that have truly captivated so many viewers.”
The Plot:
Nattie’s (WWE Diva Natalya) relationship with her long-time fiancé WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd hits a rough patch as the flame that brought them together starts to flicker. What was supposed to be smooth sailing to a fairytale wedding has become a rocky road and a relationship in trouble. Meanwhile the devilish duo, “The Bella Twins,” are separating for the very first time. Brie Bella is moving to a quieter home base in Phoenix with boyfriend WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, which leaves her sister Nikki Bella and her boyfriend WWE Superstar John Cena living their life of luxury across the country in Tampa. The women also struggle to mend their strained relationship with their father, who was in and out of their lives growing up, and deal with body issues as Nikki gets dubbed “the fat twin” by “haters” on social media.
Tag-team partners Trinity (WWE Diva Naomi) and Ariane (WWE Diva Cameron) who make up “The Funkadactyls” are at odds when they begin to question what each other bring to the ring and how it will further their individual careers. On their own, Trinity is at odds with her fiancé WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso when she refuses to wear her engagement ring so she is more appealing to male fans, and Ariane is considering a breast augmentation which requires her to stop wrestling for an extended period of time, thus taking “The Funkadactyls” out of the spotlight they have worked so hard to get into.

Back at NXT, the WWE developmental system, the Divas-in-training are being put through the wringer at performance boot camp and while JoJo is questioning her dedication to becoming a Diva, fiery redhead Eva Marie is continuing to make herself known in the sports entertainment business for all the wrong reasons as she defies the rules set by WWE, flirts with veteran Superstars while hiding her engagement, bites off more than she can chew with performance promises she can’t keep and bumps heads with the big bosses.
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