TV Land is Bringing Back Candid Camera

TV Land Brings Back Candid CameraTV Land has confirmed they’re bringing back the iconic reality TV show Candid Camera with Peter Funt (son of Allen Funt) on board as an executive producer and co-host. The hidden camera series, famous for its “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!” tagline, made its television debut back in 1948 and aired for over 50 years.
“A remake of Candid Camera is the perfect addition to our portfolio of original series,” said Larry W. Jones, President of TV Land. “The show is full of joyful laughter that catches you off guard and leaves you in high spirits – exactly the outlook that our brand embodies.”
“We’ll be daring but respectful, funny yet insightful,” said Funt. “I can’t think of better partners to help pull this off than Electus and the team at TV Land.”
TV Land is planning a summer premiere of the rebooted series.


Source: TV Land
-By Rebecca Murray

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