United States of Bacon – Yes, You Read That Right

United States of Bacon

Todd and owner George with the Walking Ched at Zombie Burger - Photo Credit: Destination America

How could a series all about bacon not be an April Fools’ Day joke? Surely it is…but no, Destination America is actually airing a series titled United States of Bacon and it has nothing to do with Kevin Bacon or any six degrees of separation. Instead, the series is all about Americans love of bacon.
According to Destination America, Americans eat 1.7 billion pounds of bacon each year. With that much bacon consumed, it seems a series about the food item was pretty much inevitable. Hosted by Chef Todd Fisher, United States of Bacon will find him traveling across America “in search of the most mouth-watering, stomach-growl-inducing, sensory-overloading bacon creations kitchens have to offer.”
The 12 episode season #1 debuts on December 30, 2012 at 10pm.
“From thick cut and juicy to thin and crispy, this series covers every form of bacon under the sun,” stated Marc Etkind, SVP of Content Strategy for Destination America. “It’s no wonder bacon is in high demand – just watching United States of Bacon induces hunger pangs of epic proportions – but whether or not Americans feel the effects of an ‘aporkalypse’ bacon shortage, it certainly won’t be in short supply on Destination America.”
The Scoop:
In the premiere episode at 10 PM E/P, he visits Milwaukee, a city built on meat. Todd Fisher’s first stop is to homegrown hangout AJ Bombers for the Barrie Burger, an outrageous chunky peanut butter bacon cheeseburger that’s as savory as it is sweet. Then Todd swings by Saloon on Calhoun, a local bar with a bacon love so deep that they host a daily bacon happy hour featuring bacon-wrapped pork “wings” made from juicy tenderloin. In Kenosha, Todd visits Frank’s Diner, the oldest continuously operating railcar restaurant in America, for a monstrous and meaty Garbage Platter exploding with eggs, hash browns, veggies, five different cheeses, and five kinds of meat. His final stop is the Comet Cafe, a small venue whose bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich and bacon cheddar apple pie have patrons begging for more.
Then at 10:30 PM, he continues his journey to Chicago, home to one of the country’s biggest bacon festivals. His first stop is Gino’s, where he feasts his eyes on a mammoth deep-dish pizza overflowing with meat and, of course, tons of bacon. Next, Todd chomps down on a massive triple-decker BLT at the 140-year-old Green Door Tavern. Finally, he pulls up to Morrie O’Malley’s, a favorite pre-game stop among White Sox fans, for a classic Chicago dog. But up his sleeve, Todd’s got the makings of an innovative new bacon dish: the B-L-Turtle Burger. Other episodes have Todd making pit stops in Des Moines, Seattle, the Bay Area, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR.
Source: Destination America

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