Valarie Pettiford New Album Details

Valarie Pettiford
Tony Award nominee Valarie Pettiford will be releasing her second solo album, Velvet Sky, on September 18, 2012. The collection of original lullabies were written by Ron Abel (music)/Chuck Steffan (lyrics) and Michael Orland (music)/Jamie Wooten (lyrics) and are meant to deepen the bond between parents and children.

Trained in dance by Bob Fosse, the multi-talented actress/dancer/singer was nominated for her work on the stage in the musical, Fosse. Pettiford was recently seen on the big screen in the romantic comedy Jumping the Broom with Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Paula Patton.

Announcing the upcoming release of Velvet Sky, Pettiford said, “I am very proud of this project. It was a real labor of love. Ron and Chuck were writing together, while Michael and Jamie were writing together – and then they switched partners for a few songs, which was a really fascinating endeavor! They created the most amazing lullabies for me to sing. I think people- especially parents, single parents, and soon-to-be parents- will really connect with this music, which will help them connect more with their babies.”

Pettiford says the idea of an album of original lullabies came to her when she and her husband were thinking about having children. “[I] thought what a beautiful idea it would be to record an album of lullabies during that period,” said Pettiford. “I also thought my voice was well-suited for lullabies. That’s what was so great about having the songs written just for me. Ron, Chuck, Jamie and Michael all knew my voice very well, and they wrote for my strengths.”

Asked if she had a personal favorite in this collection of original lullabies, Pettiford said “My Miracle” “touches the core of any woman who has had difficulty having children. It speaks to the beauty of an impossible dream realized.”

“After all these years,
After all those tears,
I never thought I’d ever feel this way.
To hold you in my arms, to keep you safe from harm,
To whisper in your ear and softly say,
You’re my miracle. My miracle.

How do I describe the way I feel inside?
When I lean down and look into your eyes,
How could I have known,
How fast the years had flown,
And how fortunate I found you in time.
You’re my miracle, my miracle.

You see, miracles have a way of coming true
For everybody else, but not for me.
God was saving something special for my life.
And something special is what you turned out to be.
You’re my miracle, my miracle…
My miracle.”

– ‘My Miracle’ from Velvet Sky