Stand a Better Chance of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with AMC’s The Walking Dead Survival Kit

AMC's The Walking Dead Survival Kit
AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Survival Kit from AMC and First My Family, LLC
Will you be ready when the zombie apocalypse arrives? When it’s time to hide inside until the shuffling mass of undead pass by your house, will you have the appropriate supplies to last for a few days? AMC and First My Family, LLC want to help you prepare with “The Walking Dead Survival Kit” filled with emergency supplies for two packaged inside of a heavy-duty messenger bag.
On a more serious note, the survival kit isn’t just for those who believe a zombie apocalypse is inevitable. “The Walking Dead Survival Kit” is actually fit for any emergency situation, not just those involving the walking dead. The fully-functioning kit was put together by AMC and Angie and Andrew Torres (First My Family Co-Founders) to help two people better handle the first 72 hours of a disaster. “Emergencies happen every day, and it’s more important than ever to be prepared,” explained Andrew Torres. “We designed this kit to help two people stay alive for three days with not much else,” added Angie Torres.
The Torres’ and AMC selected the contents based on the Torres’ 35+ years of combined disaster preparedness experience, and each of the supplies is securely packaged and easily accessible within the sturdy bag. Every item in the kit is high quality, as is the messenger bag, and chosen for their durability and shelf-life.
The Walking Dead Survival Kit Contents:
– Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Rations that stay fresh for up to 5 years;
– 12 Datrex 4.22 oz packs of Emergency Water;
– Premium Lifeline 85 piece First Aid kit;
– Lifegear Glow LED Flashlight that lasts up to 400 hours;
– Emergency Mylar Space Blankets;
– Emergency Ponchos for severe weather;
– Leather Palm Work Gloves for moving debris;
– Waterproof match booklet (where permitted)
– and Procedural Face Masks.
(items could change due to availability)
The Walking Dead Survival Kit
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AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season four on February 9, 2014.
-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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