‘White Vengeance’ Details Revealed

Filming has just begun on White Vengeance in Hangzhou and Dunhuang, China, with production expected to be completed by July 4, 2011.

From Arclight Films:

Writer/director Lee (14 Blades, Three Kingdoms, Resurrection of the Dragon, Dragon Squad) is joined by a talented cast including Leon Lai (Bodyguards and Assassins, Forever Enthralled, Infernal Affairs), Zhang Hanyu (The Message), Yifei (Crystal) Liu (The Forbidden Kingdom), William Feng, Anthony Wong (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), Jordan Chang and Andy On. Key crew include action director Leung Siu Hung, production designer Henry Fong, Cinematographer Tony Cheung and costume designer Eddie Mok.

White Vengeance tells the story of two brothers of war cast against each other during the fall of the Qin Dynasty, which ruled Imperial China from 221 to 206 BC. As rebels rose, the nation fell into chaos. Liu Bang (Leon Lai) and Xiang Yu (Shaofeng Feng), serving under King Huai, became leaders of the rebellious army, and also became sworn brothers in battle. They conquered the heartland of the Qin Dynasty and caused its destruction. Threatened by Liu and Xiang’s power, King Huai formed a plot to turn the brothers against each other.

The once sworn brothers now held resentment toward each other. Xiang planned to kill Liu at a banquet held in Hong Men, but who will emerge as the winner from this epic battle and survive to claim their path to the crown?

Source: Arclight Films

-By Rebecca Murray

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