‘The Last Ship’ Season 2: Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Jack Bender Interview

Adam Baldwin and Charles Parnell The Last Ship Season 2 Interview
Adam Baldwin and Charles Parnell from ‘The Last Ship’ at WonderCon 2015 (Photos by Richard Chavez)

TNT’s dramatic series The Last Ship is back for a second season kicking off on June 21, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT with Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Jocko Sims, and John Pyper Ferguson returning in starring roles. While season one was all about staying alive long enough to find a cure for the pandemic that nearly finished off humanity, season two will be about getting the cure out to those in need.

At the 2015 WonderCon, executive producer Jack Bender, Adam Baldwin, and Charles Parnell sat down to talk about what fans of the popular series can expect when the show returns on June 21st.

Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, and Jack Bender Interview

How does season two top season one?

Jack Bender: “Cinematically, and in terms of the acting, in terms of everything. It was great last year and it’s even going to be greater this year. And storywise we have a lot of stuff going on that we didn’t have last year. Last year was finding a cure, this year is how do we get the cure out there once we get back to home…”

Adam Baldwin: “…and what are we coming back to when we get home? What’s society like? With the pandemic we’ve lost a few billion people so we have to rebuild, and in and amongst that rebuilding we’re going to run into some serious challenges. Some new characters, some enemies…pretty good bad guys.”

Charles Parnell: “And also part of that is we’re still on the personal side trying to find our friends, loved ones, families, and hopefully they will turn up at different points of the season and we’ll find out their whereabouts.”

Jack Bender: “Which is part of the nobility of the characters in this show that in this devastating post-pandemic world how do you keep doing your job and stay together and respect the rules of the Navy with your whole world having fallen apart.”

What about the Russians? Will they still be after the cure?

Adam Baldwin: “And are they still Russians even? With the breakdown in these countries, are they rogue elements who’ve gone off on their own half-cocked? Are there people who have somehow not been affected by the virus? Is there anybody who’s naturally immune? We’re going to run into some varying nemesis.”

Jack Bender: “And what does it mean to be naturally immune? And if you are naturally immune, how do you feel about the cure because that’s the great equalizer – the cure? Maybe those naturally immune people don’t want a cure because they want to remain the most powerful.”

Adam Baldwin: “Immunity is power.”

How much time will be on land as compared to back on the ship?

Jack Bender: “More than last year. It varies. The ship moves, but more than last year. But The last ship is still the heart and soul of the show. That’s our castle. That’s where we go back to. That’s home.”

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