Almost Human Seven Minute Clip

Fox pushed back the series premiere of Almost Human to November 17, 2013, but that’s not stopping the network from pumping up the drama by showing off a seven minute clip from the first episode. Starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, the sci-fi series will debut as a special two-night event on the 17th and 18th.
The Almost Human Plot:
From Emmy Award-winning executive producer J.J. Abrams and creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman comes Almost Human. Starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, the new series is set in 2048, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. Almost Human will follow the week-to-week missions of John Kennex (Urban), a detective and sole survivor of a devastating police ambush, and his robot partner, Dorian (Ealy), as this buddy-cop duo solve cases and fight to keep the lid on dangerously evolved criminals in this futuristic landscape.
Watch the clip:

-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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