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Almost Human TV Series Info
Michael Irby, Mackenzie Crook, Lili Taylor, Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, and Minka Kelly star in 'Almost Human' (Photo © 2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.)
Starring: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy [full cast list under the ‘Cast’ tab] Series Premiere: November 17, 2013
Genres: Drama, adventure
Running Time: 1 hour
Network: Fox
The Synopsis: In this action-packed cop show from executive producers J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman set in 2048, a worse-for-wear cop teams up with a second-hand synthetic android to fight a strain of urban crime that’s evolved in ever more frightening ways. Detective John Kennex survived a catastrophic attack on the city’s police department that cost him his friends, one of his limbs and his reputation. Returning over a year later to the force led by Capt. Maldonado, he finds the transition difficult. Not only does one of the surviving detectives, Richard Paul, blame him for the lethal ambush, but department policy now requires that every cop be paired with a highly-evolved human-like android partner. Rejecting the hyper-efficient battle-ready MX-43 robots, Kennex works with lab technician Rudy Lom to reinstate an outdated Dorian android — whose somewhat dysfunctional platform is based on a “Synthetic Soul” program, allowing it to have emotional responses. It’s this flawed humanity, however, that connects Dorian and John. And together, they set out to keep the city safe, uncover the criminal conspiracy that threatens to destroy their world … and find their common humanity.
[tabs style=”default” title=”‘Almost Human’ Resources”] [tab title=”Cast”] Karl Urban – ‘Detective John Kennex’
Michael Ealy – ‘Dorian’
Minka Kelly – ‘Detective Valerie Stahl’
Mackenzie Crook – ‘Rudy Lom’
Michael Irby – ‘Detective Richard Paul’
Lili Taylor – ‘Captain Sandra Maldonado’
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Almost Human TV Series Info
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