‘Archer’ Season 11 Debuts an Action-Packed Trailer and Confirms Premiere Date

Season 11 of FX Networks’ critically acclaimed adult animated comedy, Archer, will finally premiere on September 16, 2020 at 10pm ET/PT. New episodes of season 11, which was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, will air on Wednesdays on FXX and Thursdays on Hulu.

The new season will consist of eight episodes, with episodes one and two arriving back-to-back on September 16th.

The premiere date announcement was made during Archer‘s [email protected] panel now available via the San Diego Comic-Con’s official YouTube channel. The panel also included the unveiling of the official season 11 trailer.

Returning voice cast members include H. Jon Benjamin as the newly awakened secret agent, “Sterling Archer;” Aisha Tyler as super spy, “Lana Kane;” Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and spymaster, “Malory Archer;” Judy Greer as the surprisingly well-adjusted assistant, “Cheryl/Carol Tunt;” Chris Parnell as the newly-minted alpha male, “Cyril Figgis;” Amber Nash as the lovable comrade in arms, “Pam Poovey;” Adam Reed as the consummate professional, “Ray Gillette;” and Lucky Yates as the unscrupulous scientist, “Algernop Krieger.”

The popular series was created by Adam Reed. Reed serves as an executive producer with Matt Thompson and Casey Willis.

The Plot, Courtesy of FXX:

Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy that follows Sterling Archer and his return to the spy world after a three-year coma. While many things changed during his absence, Archer is confident it will take just a little time for him to reset things back to the old ways. The problem: does the rest of the team want that? Everyone else has been doing pretty well and may not be ready for his return to throw a wrench in their well-oiled machine.

Archer Season 11
‘Archer’ season 11 (Photo Courtesy of FXX)