‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Brujo

Ash vs Evil Dead Lucy Lawless Episode 4
Lucy Lawless in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ season 1 episode 4 (Photo © 2015 Starz Entertainment, LLC)

The November 21, 2015 episode of Ash vs Evil Dead begins with Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) handcuffed in the bookstore and the book dealer, turned into a deadite, walking over to kill her. As the deadite gets almost within reach of Amanda, Ruby Knowby (Lucy Lawless) comes in and spears it to the wall. The two women decide to team up and search for Ash (Bruce Campbell), while Ruby reveals that it was her father Professor Knowby’s cabin that Ash originally found the book in. Ruby also unveils her secret weapon: Ash’s possessed hand.

Meanwhile, Ash and his crew – Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) – are on their way to Pablo’s uncle’s house. On their way there a cloud of deadites begin to chase them and are repealed at the gate of the Brujo. Inside the compound Pablo’s uncle decides that Ash needs to go on a spirit walk and gives him iowaska. During Ash’s drug-induced spirit walk, Kelly starts to feel sick and is eventually possessed by the evil spirit from the previous episode. She electrocutes Pablo and then finds Ash in his catatonic state.

While Ash is in his happy place, which happens to be Jacksonville, Florida, Kelly tries to take possession of his mind. Suddenly Ash’s happy place is turned into his nightmare: his job at Value Mart. After getting a pep talk from his pet bearded dragon, Ash begins to take back his mind by choking the demon. Unfortunately, in the real world Ash is choking Kelly and nearly killing her. And the episode ends with Pablo knocking Ash out and with the demon still in possession of Kelly.

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James Bostard