Inside ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with Austin Basis

Austin Basis Beauty and the Beast Interview
Austin Basis and Jay Ryan in 'Beauty and the Beast' (Photo © 2013 The CW Network)

The CW’s Beauty and the Beast returns on June 2, 2014 for the final six episodes of season two. However, fortunately for all Beauty and the Beast fans, these won’t be the final episodes of the series as the network has announced the series will be returning for season three. So what can we expect from these final season two episodes? Austin Basis (‘J.T. Forbes’) provided the scoop on what’s in store for Vincent (Jay Ryan), Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), and J.T. when the series returns to The CW lineup in June.

Austin Basis Beauty and the Beast Interview

What can you tease us with about the remaining episodes of season two?

Austin Basis: “Well, the trailers and spoilers all show Vincent in jail. At the end of episode 16 of season two, he gets taken off to jail and then we pick up right where that left off. It becomes a challenge for the Scooby gang – everyone else – to try and figure out how to get him out of jail or vindicate him, and maybe find out who put him in jail. So from there it’s about making sure that he’s not going to be followed by the law anymore and finding a way to make that possible. There’s, obviously, encounters with a lot of different people that put that in jeopardy. Within that there’s also the solidifying of Vincent and Catherine being a couple and being together until the end, and making a life for themselves through all of this turmoil. And similarly with J.T. and Tess, finding a new relationship and figuring out what their relationship is. That is the arc, and then also bringing back the mythology that’s been uncovered this season and seeing what the past of the beasts have been and how Catherine connects to that lineage.”

While Vincent’s in jail has he been without his serum?

Austin Basis: “He could beast out in jail, if that’s what you’re asking. That’s part of the urgency and problem of him being in jail. [Laughing] Someone could start a fight with him and die.”

Has this been a great gig for two years so far?

Austin Basis: “So far, so good! I think J.T. Forbes as a character has been everything that I look for in a part. It has the comedy, the drama, the unexpected kind of romantic relationship. I feel like there is an underdog heroism that comes with J.T. He’s always been the man that saves the day from behind the scenes, or does something to provide Vincent or Catherine with the tools that allow them to solve the problems that they encounter. I look forward to more things to be uncovered in J.T.’s past, and also his future to see where that leads. And also to see how his relationship with Tess develops, because that’s pretty interesting. As a nerdy character and a guy who’s smart but not necessarily smooth with the ladies, you get a chance to show your romantic side and show that everyone has relationships and interests. It’s not just the good-looking people. [Laughing] The nerd can get the hot chick – that’s what I want to say!”

Were you gunning for a love interest?

Austin Basis: “I mean, I’m always kind of gunning for a love interest because it’s just another dimension of characters that I usually play: sidekicks, supporting characters, best friends. You’re always supporting the other person’s love story so it’s nice to have that of my own and in a serious way, not just a comical way.”