Tamara Taylor and John Boyd Interview: ‘Bones’ Final Season

Bones stars John Boyd and Tamara Taylor
John Boyd, Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, TJ Thyne, David Boreanaz, and Emily Deschanel, and ‘Bones’ Executive Producers Jonathan Collier and Michael at Comic Con 2016 (Photo: Alan Hess © 2016 Fox Broadcasting)

Bones stars Tamara Taylor and John Boyd said what they’re most excited about for the upcoming 12th and final season of the Fox series is the fact that Emily Deschanel is directing the season premiere. During interviews at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, Taylor said she believes it’s the perfect way to kick off the show’s final season and Boyd confirmed the episode will start off the last season with a bang.

Asked how it feels to actually head into the final season, Taylor admitted she has mixed emotions. “It’s interesting to know it’s official but with that said it’s kind of beautiful to be able to be present so that we can love each other, laugh, and bring as much passion and attention to what we’re doing (as possible). It’s nice to actually be given the warning ahead of time,” explained Taylor.

So, with the show heading into its final season, what are their hopes for the outcome of their characters? “For my character I think it’s pretty obvious Cam’s getting married. That’s going to be the big one. I don’t know what after that. I think that’s probably going to be enough for me,” replied Taylor.

“I think for Aubrey just to get to officiate Cam’s wedding,” joked Boyd. “I think that’s what I’d like to see, for me.”

Looking back over the seasons, both Taylor and Boyd were able to come up with what they believed they’ll take away as their characters’ most memorable moments. “I think a really memorable moment was the goodbye in Booth’s office at the end of season 10, at the end of my first season,” said Boyd. “You know, saying goodbye to this character that Aubrey had gained his trust and come in after Sweets death. That goodbye at the end of season 10…when we shot it we really didn’t know if we were going to be back or not so it was just a really, really memorable moment. Booth walking out with his bobblehead Bobby, walking out the door, and us not knowing if we were going to see him again.”

“For me, it was probably I don’t know how many seasons ago this would be..two or three…when Arastoo got poisoned,” offered Taylor. “That was kind of a big, fun episode. It was just an interesting story, interesting to get to play with Cam just being vulnerable which doesn’t happen very often.”

As for what they’re allowed to say about what fans can expect from the final season, Taylor revealed, “We’ve been given a couple of hints. Two recurring characters are going to die. So, we’ve been given a few hints. A villain from the first season is coming back. Like a big, big bad scary villain and, again, I kind of go back into the Bones history and that could be a couple of characters. They’ve given us a few hints but no idea how it’s going to end.”

“I think the writers are really going to do their best to bring back fan favorites, like Stephen Fry, Betty White… We’re just going to hope that everyone is available to come and play with us,” added Taylor.

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(Interview by Fred Topel. Article by Rebecca Murray.)