Camren Bicondova Interview – ‘Gotham’ Season 2

Camren Bicondova Interview - Gotham Season 2
Camren Bicondova in ‘Gotham’ season two (Photo by Nicole Rivelli © 2015 Fox Broadcasting Co)

More so than any of her Gotham co-stars, Camren Bicondova was extremely careful about giving away any potential season two spoilers while discussing the new season. Her answers were very short and she didn’t elaborate, but you could easily tell by the smile on her face that Bicondova’s not only eagerly looking forward to filming all of season two but also to Gotham fans getting to explore more of Selina Kyle’s backstory.

“She’s come very far from her first kill to her first time going to a ball. Everything is kind of happening for her and in season two, because of everything that happened in season one, she’s going to be trying to figure out where she is,” said Bicondova at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. “Actually, I’m really excited I’m going to reveal a part of her backstory, so I’m really excited about that.”

But, she added, we shouldn’t expect the backstory to involve cats at this point.

As for where we’ll pick up with Selina’s story at the beginning of season two, Bicondova didn’t reveal much. “I’m allowed to say where it begins so you have to tune in to that, but she’s definitely going to be figuring out where she stands, whether she’s good or evil. So, she’ll be hanging out with some different people.”

Will one of those people be Bruce Wayne (played by David Mazouz)? “Where it starts [in season two] is they haven’t seen each other in months. We’re going to be seeing what’s going on in that relationship, so I’m really excited about that too.”

Toward the end of season one Selina became close to Fish Mooney, but we know that relationship came to an abrupt end. So, will Selina be feeling a sense of loss or freedom now that Fish is no longer around? “I don’t know. There’s definitely obviously a feeling of loss because she did like Fish, but we haven’t really dug deep into that yet,” replied Bicondova.

Selina’s involvement with Fish Mooney’s gang in season one changed her perspective as well as affected her hair style. Can we expect to see that influence carry through in season two? “It’s pretty close to the usual hair,” revealed Bicondova. “It’s still a little different because after she joined forces with Fish, she kind of found a new fit. Fish was kind of a motherly figure for her, so has a new thing going on.”

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