Carrie Underwood and 11 NFL Players Welcome NFL Fans to Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood and NFL Players 2014 Waiting All Day Video

Grammy-winner Carrie Underwood has once again been tapped to kick off NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcasts by performing “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” This season she’ll be joined in the opening number by 11 NFL players including the San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers, New Orleans Saints’ Jimmy Graham, and San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick.

Underwood, who also performed the opening number last year, will debut the new video prior to the Denver Broncos versus Indianapolis Colts game on September 7, 2014.

Here’s the complete list of NFL players involved in this year’s version:

New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham
San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick
Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
New York Giants QB Eli Manning
Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning
Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall
Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews
Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy
San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers
Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

NBC also supplied quotes from some of the players involved in the video this year:

Philip Rivers on SNF: “It’s great to be a part of it, it really is. My children are all old enough now, and we all sit and watch it every week.”

Brandon Marshall on his SNF opening theme debut: “I’ve been waiting nine years to do this. It took you guys nine years to give me a call, to finally do the open.”

LeSean McCoy on his vocal chops: “They might want me to replace Carrie Underwood…out of all the players, I’m definitely the best singer.”

SNF open veteran Clay Matthews: “This year they’ve got me stage diving and crowd surfing. It’s always something to look forward to.”

Luke Kuechly on preparing for his first SNF open shoot: “You know what I did last night? I watched the Sunday Night Football intros from the previous couple of years, and I was like…I like that.”

Jimmy Graham on his future in Hollywood: “I need my filming career to start today. Stunt guy, only. I don’t want to talk, you know?”

Colin Kaepernick: “I wasn’t singing, I was just going along with the words…”

LeSean McCoy, putting on his jersey for the shoot: “I don’t wanna mess up my makeup”

-By Rebecca Murray

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