Charles Michael Davis Interview – ‘The Originals’ Season 3 and Marcel’s Fight Club

Charles Michael Davis The Originals Season 3 Interview
Charles Michael Davis in the Warner Bros. booth at Comic-Con 2015 (Photo © 2015 WBEI)
Charles Michael Davis (‘Marcel’) says fans can expect to see Marcel going all Tyler Durden/Fight Club in season three of The CW’s The Originals. At the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Davis was all smiles when discussing what’s in store for Marcel in the new season debuting on October 8, 2015. “I think it’s a great thing because I was always bugging them to build a gym on the set so now one of our sets is a gym. There’s going to be some cool fighting. I just went to Louisville, I went to the Muhammad Ali Center and so I kind of want to incorporate a little bit of that fighting – that showmanship. Hopefully you’ll get to see Marcel back to his original form,” said Davis, adding that this Fight Club is going to be vampire only.

Davis agrees with his fellow The Originals cast members who’ve said this coming season will also see the introduction of some interesting new villains. “They come cruising into town. They come in in kind of a fog…like there’s mystery behind them. They’re intelligent, they’re dangerous, they’re sexy. They come in with a twinkle in their eyes. To me, they reminded me of season one when we met Marcel, but there are now just more of them.”

One of the big twists of season two involved Rebekah’s body-swapping which meant that a new actress was brought in to play the character. “Casting is great,” said Davis, discussing his new co-star. “When they brought in Maisie [Richardson-Sellers]… Claire [Holt], I just love. As a human being, I just love her. I feel like she’s my soulmate. She just brings something out of me, and Maisie was the same way and it’s rare just for me in general. I don’t really find people that I connect with like that, especially not even knowing them. So to have them hired and cast as love interests is some strange alchemy or chemistry. So for me it’s always a surprise. If they were to bring in another Rebekah in a different body with the way things are going, I know they’d find somebody great. It’s been a joy; it hasn’t been too hard. Maisie was great at figuring out the simple things, like how she walks, the attitude, and then she just owned it. I remember when she first showed up she was a little nervous filling those shows, and then all of a sudden she just relaxed and knew what to do.”

Looking back, Davis says have the chance to work with Phoebe Tonkin was one of his favorite memories from season two. “I rarely saw her in season one so any scenes I got to do with her, even when we were on the hunt looking for Elijah or Rebekah or whoever,” said Davis. But, he also loves any opportunity to shoot scenes as a group. Davis revealed it’s always a long day of shooting when he, Daniel Gillies, and Joseph Morgan are together on set because the threesome can’t keep it together, with most of the blame resting on Gillies’ shoulders. Davis pointed to Gillies as the main prankster, saying his co-star even pulled off a prank or two that have left cars in body shops and damage to personal property. Laughing, Davis said, “I can’t wait for season three. I think I’m going to join in on some of the pranks. I was a little quiet.”

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