‘Colony’ Season 3: Sarah Wayne Callies Interview on Katie’s Journey

Season three of USA Network’s critically acclaimed sci-fi series Colony returns to kick off season three on May 2, 2018. The third season is set six months after the Bowman family’s escape from the Los Angeles bloc. The new season will find Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Will (Josh Holloway) attempting to establish a new life for their family outside the walls. The season three description also teases the reveal of the horrifying truth behind the invasion.

Following the conclusion of season two, series star Sarah Wayne Callies discussed her character’s relationships with Will and Broussard (played by Tory Kittles). Sitting down for roundtables interviews at Comic Con, Sarah Wayne Callies explained what’s motivating Katie Bowman moving forward and the importance of Katie’s participation in the resistance.

Sarah Wayne Callies Colony Season 3 Interview:

Now that her family has been reunited, what’s driving her actions at this point?

Sarah Wayne Callies: “Well, I think there are two immediate answers to that. One is that she made a promise to Broussard to take this gauntlet and find the resistance outside the walls and give them this piece of their tool to mount an effective resistance which, quite frankly, hasn’t been done. So that’s important and you’re looking for a needle in a haystack because all you know is somewhere out there in the environs of what looks like Vancouver is a group of people.

I think that the other thing that’s driving her is that she realized, the way a lot of us do with total horror, that her kid is just like her. And so you look at the mistakes that you made in the past, specifically the mistakes that Katie made throwing her whole heart into the resistance, maybe not necessarily following the right general into war. And I think she desperately wants to keep Bram from some of those mistakes. Whether or not Bram has any interest in this thing is another question.”

What about Will and Katie’s journey from last season?

Sarah Wayne Callies: “It’s interesting because I think the occupation is the worst thing that ever happened to their marriage in that without it she would have never have joined the resistance. But the flip side of that is given those circumstances, they never had the luxury of breaking up. And so they had to make it work and I think in the process of making it work for the family, and of protecting their kids, that built a bridge between the two of them again of respect. I think, quite frankly, fighting along side each other…Will’s never seen Katie carry a gun and defend herself, and she’s never seen him doing his work as an Army Ranger. And so I think there’s kind of like, ‘Well, sh*t, we’re kind of good at this together!’ There’s common ground.”

Where would be Katie be without the resistance? Would she be at home?

Sarah Wayne Callies: “No, Katie would never be a homemaker. But I think under the circumstances of the occupation she wouldn’t be just a bartender, either. I think this is a woman who has to act. I think without the resistance she would be catastrophically depressed and maybe acting out in her own small way. There’s some people who just can’t take it. Granted, it’s a bad idea – you really ought to shut up but you’ve got to say this thing. I think Katie’s one of those people. Thank God.”

She had a nice moment with Broussard at the end of season two. There weren’t any words but you could tell it was a heartfelt goodbye.

Sarah Wayne Callies: “They’ve got an interesting relationship and it’s the kind that you don’t often see between men and women which is to say you have kind of a battle brotherhood forged between the two of them. I just finished doing The Long Road Home which is about the Iraq war for Nat Geo and we met a lot of guys who were in battle together. There’s an intimacy that’s formed, I think, in circumstances that intense that, again, is not something that traditionally men and women share. Although I imagine that’s changing now with so many women in the military. But, I’ve never had a relationship like that that I’ve gotten to play like with Katie and Broussard.

I think there’s almost a sibling sense of…I mean, look, Broussard stood by her when her own sister wouldn’t. And she forgave him for taking her out to kill her, you know? There’s a lot of water under that bridge and a lot of love there, and a lot of respect. If you’ve got to go off and go with your family, you go. If you’ve got to go fight for LA, stay.”

Sarah Wayne Callies Colony Season 3
Sarah Wayne Callies stars as Katie Bowman in ‘Colony’ season 3 (Photo by Brendan Meadows / USA Network)