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Starring: Courteney Cox and Busy Phillips [full cast list under the ‘Cast’ tab]Series Premiere: September 23, 2009
Season 2 Debuted: September 22, 2010
Season 3 Debuted: February 14, 2012 (details)
Season 4 Debuted: January 8, 2013
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 30 minutes
Network: ABC
The Synopsis: Courteney Cox stars as Jules Cobb in her Golden Globe nominated role as a recently divorced mom in her forties facing the often humorous challenges, pitfalls and rewards of life’s next chapter. Along for the journey is her son – a college freshman, ex-husband, and friends who together make up her dysfunctional, but supportive and caring extended family… even if they have a funny way of showing it sometimes.

Jules’ circle of friends, a.k.a. “the cul de sac crew,” includes next door neighbor Ellie (Christa Miller), her sarcastic, unapologetic confidante; Ellie’s average, but loveable husband Andy (Ian Gomez); Grayson, the overly flirty neighbor from across the street who’s also her “someday guy;” Laurie (Busy Philipps), her younger, feisty protege; ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt), a classic under-achiever who tests her patience; and Travis (Dan Byrd), her dry and witty son who more often than not is the adult observer amongst the group.

  • Courteney Cox – ‘Jules
    Busy Philipps – ‘Laurie’
Dan Byrd – ‘Travis
    Christa Miller – ‘Ellie’
Josh Hopkins – ‘Grayson
    Ian Gomez – ‘Andy’

    Brian Van Holt – ‘Bobby’



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