3rd Contestant Voted Off Dancing with the Stars

Kristin CavallariWhat did the third contestant voted off the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars fail to do that left her competitors with an edge when it came time for viewers to vote off another celebrity dancer? She didn’t have a sob story, unlike her fellow Dancing with the Stars celebrity cast members. While the other ‘stars’ had devastating personal events to call upon when asked to dance to a song from their most challenging year (drugs, divorces, deaths, houses burning down, family medical emergencies), the former Hills star Kristin Cavallari’s most challenging year was 2005 when she had to choose between college and starring in a reality TV show. Her lack of a good sob story might have been one of the factors that worked against her this season as she became the third celeb to get eliminated from the dance show.
Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel after her elimination, Cavallari said she was surprised to get the boot after receiving a score of 24 from the judges. “A little bit, to be honest,” admitted Cavallari who seemed to be taking the elimination in stride.
Watch the videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live: