Danielle Panabaker Interview: ‘The Flash’ Season 2 and Killer Frost

Danielle Panabaker Interview on The Flash Season 2
Danielle Panabaker at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

Danielle Panabaker confessed that she’s been yelled at before for giving too much away about upcoming episodes of The CW’s The Flash, so she was very careful how she answered questions during roundtables interviews at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. One thing she could discuss was becoming Killer Frost since it had already been teased in the season one finale. Fans got a very brief look at her costume, and Panabaker said she’s looking forward to the ultimate transition to playing the super-villain.

“Obviously I’m extremely enthusiastic about becoming Killer Frost and I want it to happen yesterday,” said Panabaker. “But, it’s going to be exciting to see that journey, to see how it happens.”

Panabaker said the wig, the makeup, and the costume went through many changes before they found just the right look for Killer Frost. “It was exciting as an actor because it’s a truly transformative look,” explained Panabaker. “The first costume that she built was an actual one-piece like a jumpsuit, very Catwoman-esque. Then one week I showed up for a fitting and she’s like, ‘I scrapped it. We’re starting from scratch. It needs to be sexier.’ I was like, ‘Okay, great.’ So, it was an evolution.”

The change into Killer Frost will mean Panabaker will be called upon to participate in more action scenes. “I asked them about that,” said Panabaker when asked if she’s ready to start training. “I’m desperate to get out there and fight with the boys. Not when it’s raining…but any other time.”

And while she’s more than ready to take on fight training, she’s not quite as enthusiastic about the effects used when Grant Gustin as The Flash runs out of the room. The look is done with air jets blowing and Panabaker admits she used to take the brunt of the air blows. “They think it’s funny when my hair blows back. But you know what? We have a great special effects team and as the season progressed they got really good. In the beginning they were like blowing my hair in my face. Hair’s messed up, make-up’s messed up, it takes a while to reset. So we perfected the art of having them very glamorously blow it back.”

Watch the full interview with Danielle Panabaker on The Flash season two:

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