‘Emerald City’ Season One Finale Recap: No Place Like Home

Emerald City season 1 episode 10
Joely Richardson as Glinda, Adria Arjona as Dorothy, and Rebeka Rea as Sylvie in ‘Emerald City’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Season one of NBC’s engaging fantasy series, Emerald City, comes to an end with episode 10 titled ‘No Place Like Home.’ Airing on March 3, 2017, the season one finale opens with Nahara (Mia Mountain) begging Roquat (Julian Bleach) to spare her husband’s life, telling him Ojo will help him leave the Prison of the Abject if he does. The man may not be listening as he’s busy giving himself a new hand.

The Wizard’s guard show Eamonn (Mido Hamada) footage obtained by a monkey drone of an army of witches approaching Emerald City. Eamonn orders the gates closed and the guards to protect the city at all costs. As the army prepares for war, all the drones housed in the city soar into the sky and combine to spell out “Ozma.” Eamonn realizes exactly what this means just as Ozma leads the witches into Emerald City while clutching her family’s dagger. West (Ana Ularu) is close behind, happy the citizens are afraid of the witches.

Elsewhere, the stone giant stands guard outside the Wizard’s army’s settlement. The Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio) enters his camp and Dorothy’s there to confront him. Dorothy (Adria Arjona) explains Nahara raised the stone giant after she assured her it would be used to stop the war and save Oz. The Wizard’s upset Dorothy didn’t kill Glinda, saying he only wants to protect this world. He wants Dorothy to head north again, but this time with the stone giant in tow. Dorothy wants to know what she’s supposed to do if Glinda doesn’t surrender and the Wizard shows her the guns that Queen Ev’s people built. Dorothy, upset, tells him he can’t use the guns to kill the young witches. The Wizard claims they’re not girls; they are the Beast Forever.

Emerald City Season 1 episode 10
Mido Hamada as Eamonn, Jordan Loughran as Ozma, and Ana Ularu as West in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Back in Emerald City, Eamonn knows his fate and walks toward Ozma wearing the lion’s head mask. He bows at her feet and presents his sword. Ozma (Jordan Loughran) removes the lion’s head mask, overcome with grief and anger. Eamonn confesses he killed her mother and father in order to save himself. West believes Ozma should bleed him dry, but Ozma’s curious as to why he let her live when the Wizard ordered her killed. Eamonn says it was because he has a daughter her age and saw his daughter in Ozma’s eyes, judging him for his lack of courage. He presents her with her father’s crown as West hands Ozma her dagger. Instead of killing him, Ozma demands his family be brought to her.

Eamonn begs her to take her revenge out on him and leave his family alone. Ozma closes her eyes and when she opens them, she’s wiped the memories of Eamonn from his family’s memories. They don’t recognize him – not even his wife of decades. “You took away my family, now I took away yours,” says Ozma, casting Eamonn out of Emerald City forever and taking away all of his possessions. She’s doomed him to wander forever as a beast, with the witches placing the mask upon his head. The witches hiss at him as they force him from the city. (All that’s missing from the scene is a Game of Thrones-inspired “Shame” chant.)

West had been holding the crown, but now she hands it to her Queen. Ozma places it on her head and everyone – witches, townsfolk, and the Emerald City guards – kneel.

Jane (Gina McKee) races across a field, trying to catch up with Jack (Gerran Howell) who is determined to kill the Wizard. Jack makes it to the Wizard’s tent and takes out a few of his men. He’s about to kill the Wizard when Jane rushes up. The Wizard tells Jane her daughter is in Oz, saying the rip in the sky brought her daughter to this world. He yells, “Dorothy is here!” and Jane can’t believe it.

Dorothy and Toto rest for a brief moment not far from the Wizard’s army. Jane finds them there but before they can talk, a swarm of locust arrive at the camp. The army is under attack, however Dorothy manages to make herself a cylinder of protection into which Glinda (Joely Richardson) appears. Glinda can’t believe Dorothy’s still there and Dorothy tells her war isn’t necessary. Glinda mistakenly believes the Wizard animated the stone giant, and Dorothy explains she did it. Glinda says Roan was wrong about Dorothy, and Dorothy suggests she return to the north and forget about going to war. In the north Glinda and her witches can live in peace. Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) appears out of the locusts and Glinda is sure Dorothy’s love for the young witch never wavered.

Unfortunately for Dorothy, Sylvie’s sided with Glinda and is able to make the stone giant start to crumble. Dorothy begs Sylvie to stop but she doesn’t, so Dorothy uses her magic to make the stone giant in Emerald City smash through the witches’ sacred temple. Center of the temple destroyed, the magic appears to be zapped from Glinda as the locusts retreat and the witches in the field who had been hidden from view are all exposed.

Sylvie’s still busy making the stone giant fall apart when the Wizard shoots her. The stone giant completely crumbles and as the fog of stone envelopes the field, the Wizard’s army begin firing on the witches. Jack walks through the army, calling for Jane. The soldiers shoot him at close range and smash his body as he screams in pain.

Dorothy gently handles Sylvie’s dead body as Glinda stands by blaming her for choosing the wrong side and causing all this death. Dorothy seeks out the Wizard, effortlessly tossing soldiers aside as they take aim. One-on-one with the Wizard, Dorothy demands he call off his army or she’ll shoot him. She doesn’t care that would mean she would never be able to go home and as the Wizard begs for his life, the dead witches (including Sylvie) come back to life and gather around Glinda. She reminds the Wizard, who’s still sprawled out on the ground at Dorothy’s feet, that only a witch can kill a witch. He’s confused because he believed the guns could kill the Beast Forever, but now it’s obvious the witches aren’t the Beast Forever. Glinda calls him a fool for believing so in the first place.

Back in the Prison of the Abject, Roquat has transformed into a winged creature. Roquat is the Beast Forever!

Glinda leads her witches to the temple in Emerald City as the Wizard trails behind Dorothy, tied up. After briefly glancing at the devastation done to the temple, Glinda and the witches enter the palace and find Princess Ozma and West by the throne. West tells her sister she’s taken Emerald City and declares they’re on the same side. West believes the Beast Forever is the only true fight left, but Glinda isn’t ready to mend fences. West reminds her the city belongs to Pastoria and introduces her sister to Ozma. West believes magic and reason can rule Oz side by side, but Glinda isn’t going for it. She won’t take her sister’s hand and proclaims only magic will rule Oz. West asks again for Glinda’s hand and just when it looks as if she’s about to give in, they hear a loud bang in the castle.

Back on the battlefield, Jack’s left arm and right leg are detached and lying near his body. His face bloody, he turns his head to the sky as the Beast Forever soars over the field.

Dorothy and the Wizard/Frank are in the castle and heading up to the machine that will send her back to Kansas. She tells Frank that she’s taking him with her because it’s best for Oz if he leaves. Frank begins turning the machine back on, saying it hasn’t been used in a long time. Frank doesn’t want to return to his world, telling Dorothy she’ll have to kill him. Dorothy reminds him if he stays Glinda or the Beast Forever will kill him, but if he returns to Kansas, he can live his life. He frantically tries to convince Dorothy he has nothing to go back to – adding that she was nothing in her old life either. Dorothy tells him she has to return to her uncle, aunt, and mother.

Frank seizes on Dorothy’s desire to return to her mother and tells Dorothy her mother is here in Oz. Of course, Dorothy believes he’s lying. Frank reveals her mother isn’t Karen Chapman. The truth is he sent people to kill Karen in Kansas because he thought she was going to return to Oz for him and for Jane. He screams at Dorothy that he won’t go back and as he’s about to destroy the machine, Jane appears out of nowhere and shoots him. Dorothy is devastated, telling him to get up since only he knows how to use the machine. Too late – ding dong, the Wizard’s dead.

Dorothy doesn’t know Jane and yells at her for killing Frank. Jane tells Dorothy she hasn’t seen her since she gave her to Karen to raise in Kansas while she stayed in Oz. Jane points out the five small black dots tattooed on Dorothy’s hand, explaining what the dots stand for. There’s one to keep Dorothy safe, one for good dreams, and one so that if Jane ever lost her, she could find her again. Jane says it’s time for them to go home, explaining she only left her with Karen to keep her safe.

Eamonn walks down the yellow brick road and pauses as the Beast Forever flies above him on its way to Emerald City.

Back at the castle, Jane explains she built the machine and knows exactly how it works. Frank took it for himself, but Jane is the real expert. She tells Dorothy to help her prepare the machine for the trip home.

And now, with only a few minutes left in season one, we return to check in on Roan (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). He’s still hanging on the cross outside the cabin where Dorothy left him, but he’s not dead yet. He raises his head a little and watches the Beast Forever fly by.

Dorothy and Jane look up into the twister that’s formed inside the machine. Jane opens the door and Dorothy steps in, but Jane doesn’t follow. Instead, she closes the door and sends her daughter back to Kansas. She’s still protecting Dorothy as she punches in the final sequence to send her back to Kansas.

Glinda, West, and Ozma turn to the sky as the Beast Forever soars above Emerald City.

Dorothy comes to back in Kansas in Karen Chapman’s yard. The place is torn up from the twister that originally sent Dorothy to Oz, and Dorothy races into the underground shelter where Karen is severely injured but clinging to life. Karen passes out just as Dorothy hugs her. It appears she stayed conscious to make sure Dorothy returned safely.

Dorothy’s back home but she looks lost. She plays with her food and then glances out the window at the scarecrow in the yard. She grabs her keys and tells her aunt (Holly Hayes) she’s going to check on Karen at the hospital. Her aunt warns her she needs to rest, convincing her to sit and relax for a minute. Dorothy takes a seat on the porch, watching her aunt shell walnuts. Aunt Em tells Dorothy the sheriff needs her to come to the station to finish her statement, and Dorothy confesses she doesn’t know what to say. After Aunt Em suggests telling the truth, Dorothy says, “I went to check on Karen. She was hurt so I went to go get help, and then I was swallowed up by a twister. 10 minutes later I wake up right where I left.” (Time apparently passes a lot less quickly in Kansas than in Oz.)

Aunt Em asks again if that’s all she remembers and it’s then that Dorothy looks at Em’s fingers. They are black up to the first joint, just like West’s. Aunt Em explains the discoloration is from cracking walnuts.

Dorothy decides to take a walk, but she stops when she sees a dog who looks a lot like Toto in the field just a few yards away from the scarecrow. She says his name and he lays down, allowing her to pet his head. She gets up and turn around and now Roan is standing just a few feet away. She tells herself she’s just dreaming, which doesn’t work. She backs up as he slowly approaches saying he’s not going to hurt her. Roan says her mother sent him because she’s been taken prisoner by the Beast Forever. Roan adds, “Only you can stop it.” Dorothy responds, “You’ve come to bring me back.” Roan replies, “I’ve come to bring you home.” They stare into each other’s eyes, just a foot or so apart.