‘Fargo’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Review: Rhinoceros

Fargo Nick Offerman Season 2 Episode 6
Nick Offerman as Karl Weathers in ‘Fargo’ (Photo by Chris Large / FX)

FX’s Fargo season two is so smart that it’s truly a joy to tune in each week. Episode five stands as the best episode thus far but episode six comes in a close second, with Nick Offerman delivering an Emmy-worthy performance as lawyer Karl Weathers. Ted Danson has the best line of the episode but it’s Offerman as a drunk yet still somehow fully capable of dealing with complex, life and death issues lawyer who gives the stand-out performance. Episode six titled “Rhinoceros” aired on November 16, 2015, with much of its running time dealing with Charlie and Ed in jail. Although the action centered around Charlie and Ed, there was still time to advance the battle between the Kansas City mafia and the Gerhardts.

Recap of Fargo Season 2 Episode 9:

Peggy’s furious that Hank Larsson (Danson) and Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) are hauling her husband, Ed (Jesse Plemons), away in handcuffs but Ed’s keeping his wits about him and remaining calm. Sitting in the back of Lou’s squad car, Ed has tears in his eyes but a blank look on his face.

Betsy (Cristin Milioti) is waiting at the station when Lou walks in with Ed. Betsy’s been worried about Lou because of the fire at the butcher shop, but he says there’s no need to worry. Betsy asks if she can help with anything and Lou tells her to take Noreen home with her since she lost her place when the shop burned down. Lou says she’s just a kid, “emancipated or not.”

Officer Percy lets Charlie (Allan Dobrescu) out of his cell to make his one phone call.

Bear (Angus Sampson) talks to his dad on the porch, at night, all bundled up. He’s recalling his dead brother, but he can’t really remember his face. He just remembers the soldiers delivering the news along with a folded-up flag. He wonders what his brother, who was the oldest, would do about the Kansas City situation. Dodd (Jeffrey Donovan) drives up and Simone (Rachel Keller) comes out on the porch to tell Bear Charlie’s on the phone. Dodd hates what Simone’s wearing and tries to give her a life lesson about whores. Just then Bear comes back out and beats up Dodd because he now knows what happened to Charlie. Hanzee (Zahn McClarnon) stops the fight and Dodd, who was on the losing end, tells Bear he’s going to beat him with the belt. Bear is upset about Dodd allowing Charlie, a 17-year-old with a crippled arm, to take on the task of shooting the Butcher. For some reason Bear is ready to allow Dodd to beat him with the belt buckle when Floyd (Jean Smart) screams, “No!” and makes Dodd stop.

After Dodd and Bear tell Floyd about Charlie’s incarceration, she sends her men (and her sons) out to rescue Charlie and finish the job of killing the Butcher. While everyone’s outside, Simone calls Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) and gives him the scoop on what’s going down. She tells him everyone’s off to Luverne to rescue Charlie and she wants Mike to make sure to kill her dad.

Peggy makes coffee for Hank at her house, but she won’t let Hank pick up the beauty and travel magazines to have a seat at the table. She’s still planning on driving up to Sioux Falls tomorrow and wants to know what he needs from her. Hank’s got a bunch of dead people and a burnt out store, but Peggy insists it was a robbery. Hank’s equally insistent that they went to the butcher shop specifically to kill Ed. Hank says Peggy and Ed are mixed up in a turf war between the Kansas City gang and the Gerhardts. Peggy’s still going off about the seminar and being the best that she can be when Hank asks her point blank if she’s a little touched. She says she just has dreams, that’s all. Hank doesn’t think she understands they tried to kill Ed along with burning down his shop. She quotes the seminar people and talks about life being a journey and how they’ll just move to California. Hank lets her know that before she makes plans for leaving, he’s got a forensic team coming down tomorrow to check her car for blood. Hank tells her he got permission from Sonny to do the test for blood, and he’d really like her to just come clean about the night she hit Rye Gerhardt.

Fargo Jesse Plemons Season 2 Episode 6
Jesse Plemons in ‘Fargo’ (Photo by Chris Large / FX)

At the station, Lou reminds Ed he gave him a chance to tell his story back at the house. Ed claims to be the victim, and Lou reminds him there was a cleaver in the man’s head that Ed put there. He also tells him about the war that started after he or Peggy ran over Rye with their car. Ed declares he’s going to take care of what’s his, and Lou warns him the Gerhardts won’t rest until he’s dead. Ed demands a lawyer and won’t talk until he gets one.

Percy finds Karl Weathers (Nick Offerman) and tells him Ed needs him at the jail. Karl is the best – and only – lawyer in town. He’s a little drunk but he’s off to help Ed anyway, with Sonny as his designated driver since he’s inebriated.

Hank wants to know why Peggy didn’t drive to the hospital or wave someone down after she hit Rye. Peggy answers that it’s like decisions you make in a dream. She wouldn’t look back if she has to run; she wouldn’t miss this place at all. She buys the magazines because she’s living in a museum of the past here in Ed’s parents’ house. Hank hears a car outside and goes out to find three vehicles parked in front of the house. Hank tells Peggy to hide in the basement and not come out no matter what she hears. Dodd approaches with a taser, looking for Ed. Hanzee sneaks around the side of the house while Hank is being kept busy out front. Hank tells them Ed was hauled away to the jail. More men get out of the cars and Hank’s facing down a bunch of killers by himself. He says quietly, “That’s what I thought,” followed by, “There we go.” Hanzee gets the drop on him and knocks him out.

Dodd and his men search the house looking for Ed and find the basement filled with Peggy’s magazines. Peggy shoots one of the men and knocks another out with a sink. Dodd continues to search for her, but she surprises him with a taser.

Floyd’s feeding her husband and wants to know from Simone if she’s with the family or not. Simone says she is and Floyd says she needs to use her example and be strong, be a leader. Just then Mike, the Kitchen brothers, and other KC mafia goons open fire on the Gerhardt house.

Karl visits Ed at the jail and Lou tells him he has 30 minutes. He and Ed know each other and Karl tells him it’s a sad and fortuitous day. Karl reveals they’re probably being recorded and works out an elaborate scheme to trick the cameras or recorders in the jail. He leaves the sheriff’s station only to encounter Bear Gerhardt and his men. He turns to the jail and tells Lou, “The jackboots are upon us.” Lou calls for reinforcements because there’s a lynching mob outside and then heads out to talk to Bear and the men, letting them know he’s called for backup but it’ll be 30 or 40 minutes before they arrive. Lou explains the charges and tells Bear Ed’s safe inside the jail, guarded by armed men. Bear gives him five minutes to send Charlie out.

Lou goes inside the station and tells his deputy to secure the building, barricade the doors, and smash up light bulbs so they’ll hear anyone who tries to get in. He confesses to Karl the nearest backup is actually at least an hour away and they’ve never faced “serious men” before. Lou asks Karl to talk to Charlie’s dad since Lou has just appointed him Charlie’s lawyer.

Lou gets Ed and tells him there’s a lynch mob outside ready to string him up. He’s going to get him out of the building.

Hank comes to on the porch at the Blomquist house. He makes it to his car and he learns there’s a lynch mob outside the station.

The men grow impatient outside the station and gear up, prepared to go in. Karl comes out and tells them they’re allies. Inside the building, Lou and Ed jump down from a second story window. Hanzee hears the noise and goes to investigate. Karl tells Bear he’s his son’s attorney and that he’s working on legally getting him out. Hanzee sees the open window Lou and Ed jumped from. Karl tells Bear he’s making it worse because Charlie’s a minor so reduced sentencing would apply. Even though he tried to shoot someone he missed so he’ll probably get 10 years and be out in five for good behavior. Meanwhile, Lou and Ed sneak quietly through the woods. Karl goes on to explain if Bear takes him now, Charlie’s a wanted fugitive and will be shot on sight. Karl tells him to leave now and none of this will go against Charlie. If they take Ed, they’ll loop Charlie in as a conspirator to kidnapping, assaulting a police officer, etc. Karl says the best thing for Charlie is a fast retreat, and Bear does the smart thing and gets his men and leaves. Charlie remains in jail.

Lou and Ed work their way through the woods with Hanzee hunting them. Ed’s worried something happened to Peggy and that maybe the Gerhardts went by the house first. Just then Hank pulls up and Lou is astonished to see the size of the wound on his forehead. As they talk Ed makes a break for it and runs down the road. Lou and Hank get in the squad car, knowing Ed will be heading back home to check on Peggy. Hanzee emerges from the woods right after they leave. He walks down the road, following Ed.


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