‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: “Weak”

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 12
Jenna Elfman as Naomi in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 4 episode 12 (Photo by Ryan Green / AMC)

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season four episode 12 finds the group still split apart. June’s with Al, Morgan’s with his new friends, and Alicia’s apparently off on an adventure elsewhere with Charlie. Unfortunately, there also aren’t any updates on John, Strand, or Luciana this episode.

Episode 12 opens with June (Jenna Elfman) watching the video interview Al (Maggie Grace) did with John (Garret Dillahunt) and then exits the van to try and make contact with John via walkie-talkie. She apologizes for leaving John at the bus before the storm hit, even though she doesn’t believe he’s listening. Her confession continues and she admits that when the going gets tough, she runs. When she releases the button, there’s only static on the line.

Al returns with an empty gas can after an unsuccessful search for diesel. They must conserve all their resources, including the batteries on the walkie-talkies.

Days pass, they’re out of water, and June decides they need to leave the van behind and find resources. As she’s talking, the walkie crackles to life but what’s said is indecipherable.

Not too far away, Morgan (Lennie James) and his new traveling companions, Sarah (Mo Collins), Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell), and Jim (Aaron Stanford), are on the road in the semi and Morgan is determined to keep trying to reach his friends on the walkie.

Al and June are unaware it’s Morgan whose voice they heard, but June wants to try and find whoever is on the walkie. Al’s not feeling well and wants to stay with the van, but June convinces her fresh air will do her good.

Sarah wonders if Morgan really believes his people can hear him, and he recalls how Rick once left a channel open for him. It didn’t work back then, but Morgan believes it will this time.

Al and June come upon a truck with a walker who they easily take out, and now they have a vehicle to use. They head toward what they hope is higher ground so they can find the person at the other end of the walkie.

Elsewhere, the mysterious woman (Tonya Pinkins) with the pet zombie from the end of season four episode 11 is also on the road. She hears June call over the radio but doesn’t respond.

Morgan makes his friends wait at the semi while he also checks for higher ground and a stronger signal. June hears Morgan but still can’t make out his voice or any words. Al’s getting increasingly sick but springs into action when her van speeds by. Al channels her inner race car driver to stay on its tail, but doesn’t see an obstacle in the road and spins out. It’s only then that she confesses her medication is in the van and she desperately needs it.

As Morgan’s walking to get a signal he spots the mysterious woman at a box they just left on the side of the road. She looks through the box and he assures her she can take what she needs. She explains she’s not weak and doesn’t need help, and Morgan decides to continue his walk.

As Morgan walks away, she warns him to be careful.

June changes their flat tire as Al lies down in the backseat, sweating and in pain. June tries to keep her talking but they’re interrupted by the sound of gunfire from Al’s van. Al wants June to follow the sound and find the van, but June’s reluctant to leave her behind. (She doesn’t have a good track record when she leaves without her companions.)

Really, the only option is to try and find the van so June sets out on foot. She comes across a bus on its side and then spots the van parked 100 feet in front of it. As she looks in the bus, a man sneaks up on her and points a gun at her head. He makes her drop her gun and forces her to her knees.

June tries to talk herself out of the situation, telling this stranger they all need to work together. She attempts to explain she only needs the meds from the van, but the guy’s convinced she’ll turn on him if he trusts her.

June, realizing she doesn’t have any choice, goes for his gun. She knocks it away and it goes off. They struggle over the weapon and June finally gets the upper-hand. She doesn’t kill the stranger and tries to start the van. He reveals it’s out of gas and thought he could get diesel from the bus. He couldn’t, and there’s no fuel.

June can’t find the medication and he swears he didn’t touch it. He doesn’t want to leave the van, but June reminds him he was going to kill her and she’s not going to let him stay. Once he’s outside, June radios to Al back at the truck asking where the medication is kept.

Meanwhile, Al hears the shot and stumbles from the truck, attempting to finish replacing the tire. She hears June on the radio and tries to make her way to it, but falls. She’s weak and can’t get up, and a walker slithers its way over and attacks. She tries to fight him off, going for her knife in her belt but she has a difficult time getting it out of its sheath. She finally manages to use her legs to push the walker under the truck, and then kicks out the jack. The truck squishes the walker.

Al makes it to the walkie and confesses there isn’t any medicine. She lied just to get the van back.

June returns to the truck with medication from the bus. June’s pissed Al tricked her and almost made her kill a stranger. Al reminds her the guy stole her van, but June’s upset about the lies and about the fact she almost regressed and became the person she didn’t want to be again.

Al finally confesses she needs the van because of the tapes. The tapes can help people, plus some of the tapes are of people she loved. She refuses to leave them behind.

Morgan climbs a water tower and tries again to make contact. He informs whoever is listening he’s on mile marker 27. June grabs the walkie and replies but Morgan can’t hear her. The radio dies as June tries to tell him she’s with Al.

They look at a map and determine Morgan’s 50 miles away. Al doesn’t want to abandon the van, but June knows if they don’t leave now they’ll miss their opportunity. June thinks John might be with Morgan, and she tries to convince Al those who are alive are more important than the tapes now. It doesn’t work and Al packs a bag and a gun.

As June drives away, Al fires into the air. She decides to get back in the truck and they head out.

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 12
Lennie James as Morgan Jones and Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 4 episode 12 (Photo by Ryan Green / AMC)

Morgan returns to the semi and Wendell says they should get back on the road. Morgan reluctantly agrees. Jim passes him a beer and Morgan takes it, ready for the road trip. As they’re about to leave, Al and June drive up.

June asks about John and everyone else, and Morgan says they’re still looking for them. Introductions take place and June and Al are given food and water. Morgan explains they’re making drops along the way as they attempt to return the stolen truck.

June uses the radio to apologize to the stranger she fought with. She gives him their location and invites him to join them for food, water, and other supplies. He responds and says he found diesel. She invites him again, telling him she won’t think of him as just the guy who pointed a gun at her. They introduce themselves over the radio and it turns out the stranger’s name is Quinn (Charles Harrelson).

Morgan reminds Al she’s still welcome to join him on the trip to Alexandria. Talk turns to whoever owned the truck, and Morgan explains what he knows. Al laughs and says she really wished she had her camera.

Quinn contacts June, wondering where she is. He claims to be at mile marker 27 and he doesn’t see anyone. She tells him to check again and he discovers someone’s made the 1 into a 7, and he’s really at mile marker 21. Before he can tell June what happened, the mysterious woman’s pet zombie attacks him. He bites into Quinn as the woman watches.

The mysterious woman picks up the walkie talkie but doesn’t speak. She gets into Al’s van and then sets her pet zombie free. After all, she has a new one. She writes “People you know” on Quinn’s face.

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