‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Franz Drameh on Jax, the ’70s, and Victor Garber

Legends of Tomorrow Arthur Darvill, Franz Drameh and Dominic Purcell
Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, Franz Drameh as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, and Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory as Heat Wave in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ (Photo: Bettina Strauss © 2016 The CW Network, LLC.)

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow star Franz Drameh (‘Jax’/’Firestorm’) promises there’s a lot of craziness to come in the final episodes of season one of the comic book-inspired series. Drameh was one of the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast members to make it to this year’s WonderCon in downtown Los Angeles, and in addition to participating in a Q&A with fans, Franz Drameh sat down for roundtable interviews to discuss the series which has been renewed for a second season. “There’s some very cool stuff in the Old West. We meet Jonah Hex which is crazy, which is a very fun episode,” said Drameh. “We do so much craziness I’m always like, ‘What can I say?'”

Franz Drameh Interview:

How do you think Jax has changed over the course of the season?

Franz Drameh: “I think Jax grows up quite a lot throughout the course of the season. He kind of starts to realize that the world isn’t so black and white, that there are lots of shades of grey. He kind of has to really mature and find who he is as a hero. He starts off the whole season not wanting to be a real part of the secret [group]. He’s like, ‘No, I’m not involved.’ And as the series progresses he kind of has to step up to the plate and really embrace his powers and what he’s here to do. So, yeah, he definitely matures a lot as the series comes to its conclusion.”

What has been your favorite time period to shoot in?

Franz Drameh: “I really like the ’70s just for the cool clothes and the funny clothes and the big collars and the flares and stuff. But the ’50s was cool. The future is always fun. I always like anything that’s like some future stuff. Yeah, I’d probably go with the ’70s for my favorite.”

Are there any time periods you’d like to go back to?

Franz Drameh: “I’d really like to go Medieval. I think that would be cool. That would be pretty dope. So, that’s what I’m looking for. That’s my pitch for season two. I’m like, ‘Medieval stuff, guys, come on!'”

With such a large cast do you find it’s beneficial as an actor to team up with different characters throughout the episodes?

Franz Drameh: “Yeah, it’s nice when we get to do that. You know, when you have characters who do not always necessarily interact and then they’re thrown together on a little mission, it gives me a lot of stuff to work with and find that different dynamic with the different characters and how they interact. We’re a pretty dysfunctional kind of family. We’re always kind of messing up and not doing the right thing, and at loggerheads quite a lot with different characters on the show. It’s nice getting to explore that whole kind of dynamic with the different characters that you don’t usually see together that much.”

Is there anything really interesting that you’ve learned about Jax from episode one to now? Or is there a side you’d like to explore more?

Franz Drameh: “Well, what I will tease is that we explore the whole relationship with Jax and his father. That gets explored. We kind of see a little bit more of Jax’s family life, which is interesting. We haven’t really seen that so far with Jax. I think that’s a really nice kind of side to explore and see how that affects him and why he is the way he is.”

What makes Victor Garber a good person to have to share a character with?

Franz Drameh: “He’s just so funny. He’s the funniest dude. We get on like a house on fire. We just take the piss out of each other like all day, every day. He always takes the mick out of my accent and I always imitate him. He doesn’t understand a word I say half the time.”

Because of the accent?

Franz Drameh: “Because of the accent and some of my UK slang that I’m always using. He’s like, ‘What does that even mean? Can you speak English for once?’ He’s hilarious. I love Victor.”

Is there anyone besides Victor you particularly love playing off of?

Franz Drameh: “Arthur [Darvill]. I really love it when Arthur and I have scenes. A, because he’s a Brit. It’s always good to have another fellow Brit. But he’s just a fantastic actor and every single take that he does, he switches it up. He keeps it fresh. He keeps it new. He tries new things, and I just love working with him. We’re actually really lucky that we’ve got such a great cast. Everyone is so good to work with and we all get on well, which is quite rare for everyone to get on. There’s always usually someone who’s a dick but in this one everyone’s pretty cool, which is fun.”

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