‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: New Day Rising

Gotham Season 3 Episode 4
Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz in the “Mad City: New Day Rising” ‘Gotham’ (Photo by Jessica Miglio © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Lee’s back, Alice is hiding from the Mad Hatter, and Penguin has turned into a politician in Fox’s Gotham season three episode four. Titled ‘New Day Rising’ and airing on October 10, 2016, episode four begins with Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) interrogating Alice (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) at the station. Alice explains her brother Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter kept her locked up for years and she’s scared of him. She only ran away to Gotham to get away from Jervis, and unfortunately Hugo Strange found her and locked her up. Alice warns Harvey her brother is coming for her and no one understands what he’s capable of.

Meanwhile, Jervis (Benedict Samuel) has found an old amusement park he thinks would be perfect for his sister. He tells the owner that only reuniting with his sister will keep him sane, delivering that statement immediately before killing the owner.

Election day comes and Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Aubrey James (Richard Kind) are running neck-and-neck. At Oswald’s campaign headquarters Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) thanks his new BFF for everything. Oswald’s framed their Arkham release certificates and Butch (Drew Powell) interrupts the two to tell Oswald he’s needed. (Butch doesn’t hide the fact he doesn’t like Ed and the feeling appears to be mutual.)

At the GCPD station, Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is yelling, once again, at Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) because of this new problem on his desk: what to do with Alice. Barnes wants blood drawn from Alice and he wants Jervis brought in for questioning. Barnes warns Jim to stay away from Jervis, but Jim pretty much just tells him off.

Lee (Morena Baccarin) draws blood from Alice, asking her about her blood condition. Alice says just by coming into contact with her blood a person is changed. She thinks it “brings out a person’s true nature.” Alice says Jervis isn’t infected, but instead says they’re two sides of a coin. She’s the blood; he’s the mind. Jervis preys on fear, anger, and regret.

Outside the station, the campaigning continues with Oswald using the “Make Gotham Safe Again” slogan to rally the citizens. After pushing the button to cross the street and hearing its little rhythmic clips, Jim is immediately back under by Jervis’ control. Jim steps in front of a truck and is almost killed. A stranger pulls him away just in time.

Alfred (Sean Pertwee) discovers the car is in an impound lot and Bruce (David Mazouz) asks Alfred if he thinks Five went to the city to impersonate him, wondering where he would go. Alfred definitely thinks so but doesn’t know where he went. Alfred mentions the address of where the car was found and Bruce figures out Five went to see Selina.

Five and Selina (Camren Bicondova) are walking around the city and Five doesn’t understand half of what she’s saying. She heads into a betting parlor to rob it, causing a fight to create a diversion. She starts gathering up cash but she’s caught by the boss and one of his henchmen.

Oswald delivers a speech to his supporters, telling them there’s nothing they can’t do. Ed sees Butch at the back of the room pass an envelope to a member of the election board. Ed takes a look at what’s inside the envelope as Butch tells one of his men to secretly follow Ed for the rest of the day.

Jim visits Barbara (Erin Richards) at the club, asking if she knows where Jervis is. Barbara isn’t much of a help, but then Jim tells her he needs this favor. He tells her Jervis is dangerous and Barbara finally reveals Jervis was in earlier, looking to hire some muscle for an upcoming performance.

Jervis finds his muscle in wrestling siblings, the Tweed Brothers. He wants them to help break Alice out of the GCPD, hypnotizing the brothers to get them to agree.

Selina’s tied up and is about to have her fingers cut off when Five interrupts, taking out both of the men without breaking a sweat. He frees Selina and they run out of the building.

A radio broadcaster says Oswald’s campaign has been run on name-calling and fear-mongering but his message of “Make Gotham Safe Again” seems to have connected with voters.

Jim meets with Captain Barnes, asking for five minutes with Alice. Jim confesses that Alice’s brother did something to him and Captain Barnes is sympathetic. He tells Jim to make peace with his decisions and then agrees to let Jim speak with Alice for five minutes.

Selina asks Five (who she still thinks is Bruce) how he took out those men. She then sees a huge cut on his stomach along with scars. She figures out he’s not Bruce and wants to who/know what he is.

Ed wants to know if Oswald realizes Butch is paying off officials, and Oswald admits he does. Ed tells him he can win it without cheating and wants Oswald to call off Butch. Just then a little girl interrupts, thanking Oswald for getting rid of the monsters. Oswald says he feels wanted and then Ed pays the little girl, trying to prove a point. Oswald tells Ed to stay out of his business.

Jim speaks with Alice, telling her he needs her help finding Jervis. She knows he’s in Jim’s head, but she doesn’t know how to stop it. She says Jervis has tapped into something he’s struggling with and tells him there’s always a trigger. They figure out anything resembling Jervis’ watch ticking will trigger the impulse to kill himself. He also did this to Alice when she was a kid, giving her thoughts she shouldn’t have and that’s why she wants to kill him.

The Tweed brothers, dressed in their wrestling attire, disrupt the Gotham City police station. Jervis’ voice is heard over the loudspeaker and the five Tweed brothers start throwing officers around. Jim attempts to escape with Alice and Jervis spots them, pulling out his watch. Jim yells for Alice to leave as Jim points his own gun at his head. Captain Barnes knocks him out before he can pull the trigger.

It looks like Selina’s gotten over being freaked out by Bruce’s doppelgänger. She stitches him up and he tells her whatever they did to him at Indian Hill caused him to never feel pain. Five tells her that when Bruce didn’t have the answers he was looking for, he left Wayne Manor. She asks why he pretended to be Bruce and he says it was because of how she looked at Bruce. Five’s never had a friend and wanted to feel what it was like. She tells him he’s more normal than he thinks and they kiss!

Jim comes to and he’s handcuffed to a chair in Lee’s office. He wants to be uncuffed but she won’t set him free because she doesn’t know what she’d do if something happened to him. She says she had no choice but to move on, after crying herself to sleep every night. She wanted him to show up at her door and he never did. She turned to Mario because he helped her pull herself back together. The only thing Jim has to say in response is, “The past is the past. There’s nothing I can do to change that.” Lee puts him on a 48-hour suicide watch.

Butch promises all of the gangsters that they’ll run the city when Oswald is mayor and they toast to the news. Just then the guy he assigned to keep an eye on Ed reports he lost him. Butch receives a phone call and they all rush out.

Two Tweeds are dead, two escaped, and Harvey interrogates the one who was caught. Harvey tries to get through to the Tweed by talking about his brothers, and even says he was a fan of the Tweeds when they wrestled. He threatens to burn the dead Tweeds’ wrestling masks and the remaining Tweed tells him where Jervis took Alice.

Jervis took Alice to the old amusement park and he needs her to understand how important she is to him. Jervis begins taking her blood. Meanwhile, Harvey frees Jim (Lee told Harvey where Jim was headed) and together they head out to find Jervis.

Bruce and Alfred find Five up on the roof by Selina’s pigeons. Bruce’s pissed at Five for impersonating him, but Five is strangely calm. Five and Bruce argue and then Five says he’s leaving and knows he doesn’t belong in Gotham. He jumps off the roof and lands without injuring himself. Before he goes he tells Bruce to say goodbye to Selina and thank her for the kiss.

Alice wants to know what Jervis will do with her blood and he says he’ll put it in the public’s water. She promises to do whatever he says. Harvey and Jim show up and tell Jervis to let Alice go. Jervis says he’ll free Jim from the impulse if he lets him take Alice. Jim refuses and a Tweed starts a metronome. Jim begins losing control of his gun and is suddenly frozen in an inner struggle as a gun fight breaks out. Jim sees visions of Lee kissing Mario and recalls saying the past is the past. He regains control and shoots the metronome. The spell’s broken and Alice tries to get away from Jervis. She falls to her death and Jervis goes crazy.

The paramedics bag up Alice and Captain Barnes confronts Harvey about freeing Jim against his orders. Barnes says Jim will get him killed, but Harvey promises to never turn his back on his partner.

Ed and Oswald wait for the election results, and Butch comes in and attacks Ed. Ed took all the money back from the district officials and Oswald’s incredulous. Butch is about to shoot Ed and Oswald asks why he shouldn’t let him. Just then a cheer breaks out because Oswald has won the election, fair and square. It was a landslide decision. Oswald cries and can’t believe they really wanted him as mayor. Ed tells him if he would have bought the election he never would have known if the people really loved him. Now he knows for sure. Ed assures Oswald he believes in him. Oswald turns his anger on Butch and now it’s Ed who is Oswald’s number one guy.

Bruce and Alfred drink tea and wonder why Hugo created Five in the first place. With everything going on, the one thing that bothers Bruce the most is the idea Selina kissed Five. He asks Alfred if he thinks that Five was lying and Alfred refuses to have the conversation. Bruce finally decides Selina must have thought Five was him.

Lee and Jim have a semi-friendly conversation back at the station, and Jim lets her know he’s no longer controlled by Jervis. And then comes the big confession… Jim tells Lee she was right about everything and that he’s happy for her – or at least trying to be.

Five’s walking down the street when the leader of the Court of Owls tells him he can be so much more than Bruce Wayne. He’s drugged and taken away in a car.

Oswald accepts the role as mayor, introducing Edward Nygma as his Chief of Staff. Ed’s surprised and Butch is definitely jealous.

Back at the amusement park, Barnes sees blood is dripping from somewhere and a drop hits his eye. Something changes within him.