‘Grimm’ Season 6: Claire Coffee Interview on Adalind’s Journey

Grimm star Claire Coffee
Claire Coffee from ‘Grimm’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

NBC’s Grimm will be back for a sixth season this fall, with the new season promising a showdown between #TeamGrimm and the newly elected Mayor Renard (played by Sasha Roiz). Grimmsters have spent much of the past five seasons unsure as to Adalind’s allegiances and at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, Claire Coffee confirmed she’s now happy to be considered part of the Scooby gang.

Claire Coffee Interview:

This coming season will there be a different dynamic among the gang since things changed so much in season five?

Claire Coffee: “Yeah, definitely. Alliances are shifting, for sure. I think the beginning of the season is incredibly intense. Usually we take a season to work toward the insanity and that level of tension, but we’re starting with it this season. It’s not letting up. There’s not a lot of breathing room so far.”

How different does it feel because it’s a shorter season?

Claire Coffee: “It does feel different. I would say we’re all kind of committing to really enjoying these 13 episodes as much as possible. It feels like everything is compacted, energy-wise. We’re excited to get going.”

From season one to now, is there any way you could have ever predicted this trajectory?

Claire Coffee: “Absolutely not. No. I wouldn’t say that I had any kind of trajectory in mind – certainly not this one.”

What is your favorite thing that Adalind’s gone through throughout her journey?

Claire Coffee: “Well, what’s happened most recently is now that Diana is back, Hannah Loyd is such a fun, great girl to hang out with… She is super talented and funny and I really think that this dynamic between Adalind trying to mother this potentially bad seed/child is fun. The writing, so far there’s been a lot of funny moments.”

Is the next season going to be more action-heavy for you?

Claire Coffee: “For me, I don’t know. That’s a good question. I will say Adalind’s definitely more in the thick of it with the gang this coming season.”

Is it fun to play being actually part of the gang as opposed to being the outsider?

Claire Coffee: “Oh, it’s so fun for me because I get to hang out more with (everyone).”

Will they be delving more into the relationship triangle?

Claire Coffee: “Yes, they will be delving further into that.”

Is there anything you can drop a hint about?

Claire Coffee: “No, because I don’t know yet. We’ve only received the first three episodes, but that is at the forefront for sure.”

How do you want things to end up with Adalind?

Claire Coffee: “You know, I would prefer her to stay alive. I would prefer to end the series alive. That would be my preference. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake.”

When you get the scripts do you still think there’s a possibility you will be dead in the script you’re reading?

Claire Coffee: “For sure! Yeah. I mean, I know they still… I was about to say they’d have to work out a few things but they don’t. They really don’t. After last season I think they’ve shown that nobody is safe.”

When the show first started did you have any idea that Adalind would become such a major part of the series?

Claire Coffee: “No. I had no idea. I didn’t know that Adalind would even last longer than an episode.”

What do you think at this point is her biggest strength and her biggest weakness?

Claire Coffee: “Well, I think Adalind’s biggest strength is her commitment to her children. She really has shown that she wants to protect her children. Her biggest weakness…Nick is a weakness, for sure. She almost got him killed that way. I guess it’s the same with her kids. She is so strong to protect her kids but if her kids are danger, then her loyalty has fallen away.”

Do you still do a lot off the set together like you used to?

Claire Coffee:“Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, because we all live up in Portland now. Actually, I’m so glad to be getting back to work because everyone’s kind of been traveling over hiatus and now we’re back. The other girls and I, our new tradition is to go to the rose garden in Portland with rosés.”

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