‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “Fugitive” Kicks Off the Final Season

Grimm Season 6 Episode 1
Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, and Bree Turner as Rosalee in ‘Grimm’ season 6 episode 1 (Photo by Allyson Riggs/NBC)

The first episode of NBC’s Grimm’s sixth and final season begins immediately after the events of season five’s finale. Titled ‘Fugitive’ and airing on January 6, 2017, the episode starts with Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) sort of thanking Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) for killing Bonaparte, but Renard’s too confused over Nick’s resurrection to comprehend what’s going on. Renard’s not sure why he killed Bonaparte and leaves Nick alone with all the dead bodies, obviously uncertain over exactly what just went down.

Meanwhile, Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) don’t have time to celebrate Rosalee’s pregnancy as they’re still lost in the underground tunnels. They stumble upon an axe and hope they can use it to break out.

Wu (Reggie Lee) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are also still searching for an exit from the tunnels, upset they left Nick behind and prepared to take out Renard if and when they eventually find him. They hear water flowing but still can’t escape, while Monroe and Rosalee use the axe to break through a locked door. Monroe climbs up a flight of stairs and finds a door that leads outside. However, they don’t immediately use it to escape and instead head back to find Wu and Hank. Before they do, Rosalee confides in Monroe she doesn’t want anyone else to know she’s pregnant. She’s on the verge of tears, concerned about Nick, about how many people are after them, and if they’ll even make it out of the tunnels alive. Monroe tries to cheer her up by saying whoever comes after them will be killed, and that sort of helps Rosalee hold it together.

In another tunnel, Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) and Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) are having a heart-to-heart about rebuilding the group which Trubel says can’t happen in Portland. Eve, who’s still recovering from the magic stick that saves lives experience, wants to go help Nick but she’s not really in control of herself. Trubel realizes Eve can feel things again, but Eve swears she won’t go back. Wu, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee show up and now the Scooby Gang’s finally back together. Instead of heading out of the tunnels, they head back to find Nick.

As the gang heads back the direction they came from, they hear someone approaching and just before they can attack they realize it’s Nick. They can’t believe he’s alive and can’t believe all of the bad guys are dead, including Bonaparte. When Nick tells them Renard dealt the death blow, they’re stunned. That’s when they all realize Nick has numerous bullet wounds in his clothing yet doesn’t seem to be in any pain. Wu wonders if maybe Nick’s a ghost, and Nick hopes that’s not true.

Adalind (Claire Coffee) is at home with the baby when Renard shows up, and her first question is whether Nick is dead. She can’t understand why Renard is alive if Nick is also alive, and her concern for Nick doesn’t still well with Renard. He reveals Bonaparte’s dead and admits he’s not sure how that really went down, but he does know he was holding the weapon and stabbed Bonaparte. He didn’t realize he’d done it until he saw the blood on the sword, and that’s when Renard decides it was probably Diana who used him to kill Bonaparte after Adalind told her Bonaparte caused the bruises on her neck. Adalind wants Renard to go easy on Diana because the child probably wanted her dad to save her mommy.

Renard knows Black Claw will find out about Bonaparte and he’s not going to confess to the killing. Instead, he’ll blame it on Nick, warning Adalind she’ll regret ever falling for Burkhardt.

Adalind checks on Diana and confirms that, yes, she did indeed use her dolls to kill Bonaparte. (Creepy, yet helpful.)

Nick shows the Scooby Gang all of the dead bodies, while Eve wants the truth about how Nick healed her. He shows her the mystical Crusaders stick, Monroe tries to explain its origins, and Rosalee interrupts to say they have no real idea what it is. It can heal people, and Eve admits she feels different after being healed.

The gang decides to dump all of the bodies into the tunnel which has an exit into the storm drain.

Renard blames Bonaparte’s death on Nick and demands a judge issue multiple search warrants. Renard continues his war on Nick by telling cops to shoot to kill because Burkhardt is armed and dangerous.

Adalind reaches Nick while they’re busy pushing bodies into the tunnel. She needs Nick to come home as soon as possible, and he promises to be there as soon as he can get away.

Trubel, Eve, Monroe, and Rosalee work on getting rid of the dead bodies at their shop, but when Eve touches one, it won’t let go of her and she falls into a trance. She has a vision of the dead man alive and dangling over water and Rosalee figures out it’s a death grip. The dead man is afraid of being stuck in the underworld and needs to trade a “pure soul” in order to enter the eternal afterlife. In order to break the spell, Rosalee chops off the dead man’s arm. No one, including Eve, understands why the dead person considered Eve to be a pure soul. Trubel wonders if the mystical stick might have cleaned Eve’s soul, and Monroe admits the stick scares the crap out of him.

Wu and Hank show up to investigate the two dead cops (remember the ones that Wu werewolf’ed out and killed?) and they’re told Renard thinks Nick killed these two cops and busted out of prison. There’s an APB out on Nick with a shoot to kill order. Wu and Hank need to figure out a way to warn Nick while Renard is busy cleaning out his office.

While continuing to spread the word that Nick is responsible for all the deaths including Bonaparte’s, it appears Renard’s conscience is making him see his own hands as covered in blood.

Nick finally makes it back to Adalind and they kiss as Adalind explains she didn’t have a choice but to tell Bonaparte where he lived. Nick understands she did it to protect their son. As he’s finally getting a chance to hold his baby, Nick notices the huge engagement ring Bonaparte forced Adalind to wear. If she takes it off, it’ll cause pain to her children – even if Bonaparte’s dead. She wants to break the spell but isn’t ready to take a chance removing it will hurt her kids. Adalind says Diana really wants her mom and dad back together, and that she’s become incredibly powerful. She’s not sure what will happen if she goes against Renard and Diana finds out. Nick tells her she has to hang on until he can deal with Renard.

Hank and Wu call Nick and let him know about the APB and that he should lay low until they can figure out what to do. Adalind tells Nick that if Renard hurts him, she will kill Renard. She doesn’t want to know where Nick will be hiding and gives him one final kiss.

Trubel and Eve head back to Nick’s place where Eve has a vision of Nick and Hank using the stick to heal her. She wants to know where Nick kept the stick and Trubel shows Eve the cloth that was wrapped around it. Hank calls and lets them know the cops will be heading to Nick’s loft just as they hear sirens approaching.

Monroe and Rosalee finally get a quiet moment to talk about the baby, and Monroe thinks maybe they should move away from Portland. (Moving on seems to be a running theme early on in this final season.) Rosalee just wants to get some sleep so of course that’s when the phone rings. Wu tells them about the APB and that they have search warrants to look through the shop. Wu advises them to just let the cops search the place and says no one knows where Nick is hiding out.

The cops tear through the shop looking for Nick while other officers search Nick’s loft. Eve and Trubel hide out in the tunnels, and Eve seems fascinated by the stick’s cloth cover. She then starts to see patterns on the cloth – patterns no one else can see. Even when she points them out to Trubel, they remain invisible. Eve says she’s seen these patterns before on the dead man’s face who held her in a death grip.

Back at the police station, Renard gets briefed on the Nick situation. No one has found him, his phone’s not being used, and none of Nick’s friends claim to know where he’s hiding out. An officer interrupts the briefing to say Nick’s car’s been found. Renard orders the area around the car sealed off and a house-by-house search of a one mile area.

Nick is actually hiding out at Bud’s refrigerator repair shop and when Bud shows up for work, he immediately agrees to help out the Grimm. Bud calls Hank and reports a break-in at his repair shop and says he needs Hank and Wu to check it out in case the robber is still in there. Hank understands and he and Wu head over.

Wu and Hank actually take two cabs, a train, and do some walking in order to get to Bud’s without being followed. The rest of the gang is already there, and they were all equally careful not to be followed. Trubel thinks it’ll be easier to kill Renard since Black Claw was compromised (and so was Hadrian’s Wall), but Hank reminds them Renard has cops doing his dirty work. Wu wants Nick to leave Portland and so does Monroe. Still not totally sure what to do next, Nick sends Hank and Wu back to the precinct to act like everything’s normal.

Renard is informed that one cell phone number shows up repeatedly in Nick’s records and that phone number belongs to Bud. Renard sends out teams of cops to Bud’s home and business.

Hank and Wu make it back to the precinct and quickly figure out something’s going on. Renard tells them he knows they know where Nick is and if they get in his way, he’s coming for them next. Hank threatens Renard right back, saying they won’t be hard to find. (Way to go, Hank!) Then Hank gets a call about a dead body ID’ed as Rachel Wood, and he and Wu take off to investigate.

Meanwhile over at Bud’s place, Monroe, Rosalee, Eve, Trubel, and Nick are still trying to figure out where Nick should go and how he should get there. Eve draws the symbols she saw on the dead Black Claw’s face as well as the stick’s cloth, but Nick’s never seen them before. Concerned, Eve doesn’t think Nick should be carrying the stick all of the time.

Hank and Wu arrive at Rachel’s and find her dead body in bed, wrapped in her sheets. They know she was Renard’s campaign manager, and Hank says if you’re murdered in bed it’s usually by someone you know.

Wu and Hank learn about the “Be On The Lookout” (BOLO) alert on Bud’s truck and call Trubel. Wu warns them to get out of there, just as someone arrives at Bud’s front door. It’s a cop and the situation has now become urgent; they need to escape now. Nick comes up with a plan to have Bud load a refrigerator into his truck, hoping the cops will think Nick’s inside of it. When they follow Bud, Nick will make his escape.

Wu and Hank learn Officer Franco is staking out Bud’s repair shop and it’s about to be raided. They also learn the fingerprints recovered from the Rachel Wood crime scene belong to Renard. The prints are all over Rachel’s place.

Monroe and Bud load up a refrigerator but before Bud can take off, a full S.E.R.T. team pulls up. They’re surrounding the place and Eve tries to help but she’s not strong enough. Renard orders the officers to take them down!

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