‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Blood Magic

Grimm Season 6 Episode 10
Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, and David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

NBC’s Grimm season six episode 10 finds Eve obsessed with figuring out how to travel through a mirror and Nick learning about a special Wesen who performs a vital service for elderly Wesens. Titled ‘Blood Magic’ and airing on March 10, 2017, episode 10 begins with Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) covering up mirrors while speculating how long Eve will have to go without looking in one. Monroe wonders what happens if she accidentally catches her reflection elsewhere, but Rosalee doesn’t want to consider that possibility. Right now it’s all about covering the mirrors.

Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) pays a visit to Adalind (Claire Coffee), asking for help on how to pass through a mirror. Adalind’s against the idea but Eve thinks if she isn’t proactive, there could be horrible consequences. Eve asks if Adalind’s powerful mom might have something in one of her books about going through portals. She believes the thing in the mirror connects to her because she can see the symbols, and Adalind’s concerned about that because Diana can also see the symbols. Decision made, Adalind provides Eve with the books for her research.

Meanwhile, two friends finish up their delicious meal at a restaurant and one volunteers to go get their car. Shortly thereafter, she’s viciously attacked and killed.

Nick (David Giuntoli) arrives home and Adalind lets him know Eve stopped by asking for help to go through the mirror. She confesses she gave her mother’s spell books to Eve, saying she believes Eve is looking for redemption. Adalind also reveals she’s not ruling out the possibility Eve can actually cross through the mirror. Nick promises to talk to Eve, but first he has to meet up with Hank at a murder scene.

Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) join Wu (Reggie Lee) at the crime scene, and Wu says the victim’s name is Maddie Sims. They believe it’s a Wesen attack and Maddie’s friend, Allie Stephens, says she has no idea what happened. Allie thinks Maddie got along with everyone and she knows she was happy when she last saw her. Allie seems sincere, so now Hank, Wu, and Nick will have check to see if there’s any security camera footage that could help identify the killer.

The activity shifts over to a nursing home where an elderly woman remembers running through the woods in her younger days. The woman – Mrs. Cutler – tells Mason Wilcox (Regi Davis), the orderly who’s assisting her into bed, “they” could never run faster than “us.” She adds that she remembers the sweet taste of blood, which Mason laughs off. When he turns away, Mrs. Cutler woges into a wolf and attacks. Mason manages to fight her off and she returns to normal, but a nurse rushes in and misinterprets what she sees, mistakenly thinking Mason attacked Mrs. Cutler. Mason freaks out and bolts from the room.

Back at the station, they determine Maddie didn’t have a criminal record. They also discover there was a similar crime nearby, but that it was turned over to animal control as an animal mauling. Wu shows off the bank camera surveillance footage he’s secured and there’s nothing helpful on it. Nick wants to check for footage from the other case, just in case something was captured on film. Because the victim wasn’t eaten and nothing was stolen, Nick and Hank believe the Wesen was killing for sport which makes it likely he/she will kill again.

Eve’s doing her research when the floor creaks over her head. Luckily, it’s just Nick who asks if she’s found another way into the mirror world. He expresses concern that she shouldn’t be working on this alone. Eve hasn’t found anything yet, but she’s convinced it will get to them if they don’t get to it first. She assures Nick she won’t go through the mirror on her own. (Why does it feel like that’s an empty promise?)

Nick leaves and Eve opens the second book to find letters scrambled all over the pages. She picks up the book, shakes it, and this time an index page appears on hexes, curses, charms, and incantations.

So now it’s off to another crime scene; this time it’s Mrs. Cutler who’s the victim. Wu fills Hank and Nick in on what went down the night before and why he doesn’t think she just died in her sleep. Because of the bruising on her neck, Mason is considered a suspect. The nurse who found Mason “attacking” Mrs. Cutler describes what she saw. She confirms there’s never been a problem with Mason before, and she says Mason was yelling that Mrs. Cutler is a monster. The injuries Mrs. Cutler suffered during her tussle with Mason were superficial and the nurse believes Mason simply scared the 91-year-old to death.

Hank and Nick interview Dr. Landeaux (Rob Brownstein), the doctor who examined Mrs. Cutler after she passed away. He explains Mrs. Cutler had recently been restless and was suffering from severe dementia. She was never violent previously, but it’s entirely possible she was in fact the one who instigated the fight with Mason. Dr. Landeaux doesn’t think the orderly had anything to do with Mrs. Cutler’s death. In his opinion, she died from natural causes.

Renard (Sasha Roiz) calls Adalind, demanding to know about Diana’s drawings. Adalind says she doesn’t know what the symbols mean, and Renard asks to see the tunnel. She tells him he needs to ask Nick.

When Nick and Hank show up at Mason’s apartment, he takes off running. They catch up to him fairly quickly and he keeps screaming that he didn’t kill Mrs. Cutler. Hauled in for questioning, Mason continues to plead his innocence. Mason doesn’t have a police record or a history of violence, but he’s leery about explaining what happened because he doesn’t think Nick or Hank will believe him. He finally gives in, recalling the “blood in her mouth” story and that she said she used to run in the woods. Mason says he was attacked by a monster, adding that he never uses drugs or steroids. He describes Mrs. Cutler with yellow eyes, hair everywhere, and teeth like a wild dog. The monster turned back into Mrs. Cutler when he pushed it against a wall, which is when the nurse arrived and saw the end of the fight. He calls Mrs. Cutler his friend and then he’s shocked when Hank says he believes him.

Hank and Nick discuss the situation while walking through the station, positive Mrs. Cutler woged and Mason freaked out. They know he acted in self-defense, and just then Nick receives a call from the medical examiner who has something to show them.

Catching up once again with Eve, she’s still hard at work researching how to pass into the other world. She has a vision of biting the man who had her in a death grip and of picking up the hand mirror. Eve has an idea that blood magic is involved in some way and calls Adalind to pick her brain. Eve wants to know if she can use blood magic to get to the other side, and Adalind asks what would happen if she passed through but then can’t come back. Eve pledges to keep looking for answers.

The M.E. has determined the physical confrontation with Mason did not cause Mrs. Cutler’s death. But, she did find a high amount of bug saliva in Mrs. Cutler’s system. She explains the saliva came from an Assassin Bug which creates an enzyme to kill things. Hank and Nick ask if she could have been injected with it and if that would have killed her. The M.E. says it’s possible.

Back at the station, Wu studies the footage from a camera located near the other mauling victim’s body.

Hank and Nick make a trip to the spice shop to find out if Monroe or Rosalee know of a Wesen who uses bug saliva to kill its victims. They seem hesitant to respond, but finally say it sounds like they could be dealing with a “Godfather of Death.” Monroe advises Nick and Hank to let it go, and Rosalee asks if the victim was Wesen and suffering from dementia. Rosalee and Monroe explain Wesen who suffer from dementia are a problem because they can experience uncontrolled woges, which is bad for the Wesen community. The Godfather of Death is used to painlessly and peacefully end the life of Wesen with dementia. The Godfather is usually contacted by a family member or someone who cares for them, and it’s just how the community works. Rosalee and Monroe refuse to give up the name of the Godfather unless Hank and Nick swear they won’t arrest him. They swear, and Rosalee calls the Godfather. Just then Wu calls with an update on the mauling case they need to see.

Wu shows Nick and Hank footage of an elderly man with a cane caught on video one block from both crime scenes. Renard interrupts and calls Nick into his office, demanding to see the tunnel. Renard knows whatever Diana’s involved in is dangerous, but Nick won’t share what he knows until Renard tells him how he learned it’s something dangerous.

Rosalee and Monroe are worried about the Godfather meeting a Grimm, sure the meeting won’t go down well. When the Godfather calls, Rosalee lies and says her husband has dementia and needs him now.

Hank, Wu, and Nick watch the video of the old man with the cane multiple times, but they can’t see his face. Monroe calls Nick, explaining the Godfather is on his way which means Nick and Hank have to rush to the spice shop.

The Godfather arrives and Hank and Nick immediately recognize him; it’s Dr. Landeaux from the nursing home. The doctor’s confused and then immediately springs into attack mode when Nick reveals he’s a Grimm. Rosalee and Monroe calm the situation down, explaining Nick’s a friend who needs to talk to him. Dr. Landeaux confirms he euthanized Mrs. Cutler and that the orderly had nothing to do with it. He’s sorry he waited too long to do it, but he can’t help Mason out of the jam. Nick and Hank tell him he has to convince the nurse of Mason’s innocence and he’ll have to testify, if necessary, to keep Mason from going to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.

As they’re talking, Dr. Landeaux gets a call that a Wesen suffering from dementia is threatening his wife. Hank and Nick want to help, and Rosalee recognizes the address as belonging to one of their long-time customers so they also tag along. When they arrive at the house, the elderly Wesen has left and his wife, Elizabeth Stanton, is okay but upset because her husband, Norm, has never attacked her before. She says her husband doesn’t know what he’s doing, so Nick, Hank, and Monroe head out to track him down via his cell phone’s location.

Out on the street, Norm Stanton approaches a young woman at a bus stop believing she’s his wife. As he attempts to touch her hair, she flees. (Smart woman!) Nick, Hank, and Monroe arrive, but Norm gets angry and woges when they say they’re there to help him make his way home to his wife. Fortunately, they’re able to place him in the car without anyone being injured.

Norm is returned to his home and his wife asks him to have a seat in his favorite chair. She and Dr. Landeaux comfort him as Wu arrives with the video from the two murder scenes. The cane in the video matches Norm’s cane, so they know he committed the murders without realizing what he was doing. They can’t take him into custody because he could woge, so Nick tells Dr. Landeaux to do what he has to do and assures him they won’t interfere. Rosalee and Monroe remain behind to comfort Elizabeth Stanton after she says goodbye to her beloved husband.

Eve arrives at the spice shop, excited that she’s found out something important. Rosalee and Monroe are still out, so Eve – clutching a knife – rips the cover away from the full-length mirror and slices her palm. She drags her blood across the glass and woges, but nothing happens. She turns away to read the book to find out what she did wrong while behind her the mirror transforms. She tentatively places her hand through it and then steps completely into the mirror and disappears.