‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: Where the Wild Things Were

Grimm Season 6 Episode 11
David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt and Bitsie Tulloch as Eve in ‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 11 (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

NBC’s Grimm season six episode 10 ended with Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) stepping through the mirror without first telling anyone her plans. Episode 11 titled ‘Where the Wild Things Were’ kicks off with Nick (David Giuntoli) returning home and a now wide-awake Adalind (Claire Coffee) asking if Renard talked to him about Diana’s drawings. She wants to know if he’s going to tell Renard about the tunnel, and then confesses Diana manipulated Renard into killing Bonaparte. Adalind also finally comes clean and reveals Diana caused Rachel Wood’s death, too. She’s only warning Nick about this because she believes Nick needs to tell Renard about the tunnel. They don’t trust him, but there’s a possibility he can help figure everything out – or that he knows someone who can.

Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) arrive home and try not to wake Eve. They quickly discover that won’t be a problem after seeing Eve’s uncovered the mirror. They see Adalind’s mother’s book open on the table and are shocked Eve brought it into their house. They find a dagger on the floor in front of the mirror and decide to call Nick to let him know Eve’s missing and has probably gone through the mirror.

Adalind asks about the book and as Rosalee closes it to read the cover, the book locks itself up and the dagger secures itself firmly in the lock. Only a Hexenbiest can open it which means Nick and Adalind need to head over immediately. Adalind believes everything is connected and that Nick should bring the mystical stick. He agrees.

So, where is Eve? She wakes up in the snow in a forest and can see through her side of the mirror to Rosalee and Monroe’s.

Monroe and Rosalee discuss why Eve would have done this on her own, and Monroe’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that the skull guy grabbed her and forced her through the mirror. Rosalee doesn’t buy that explanation at all. Nick and Adalind arrive while on her side of the mirror Eve bangs on the glass and screams for their attention. Instead, the mirror disappears and in its place is a replication of Diana’s drawing.

Eve’s distracted from the drawing by the sounds of a fierce fight. She sees a man with an axe being attacked and bitten by Wesen.

While Adalind tries to figure out what page Eve was looking at before she went through the mirror, Diana declares that Eve is in the mirror and confirms the blood on the mirror’s frame is Eve’s. Adalind says Eve asked about blood magic and how a Hexenbiest’s blood could be used to cross over. Before Adalind woges into a Hexenbiest to open the book, she warns Diana her face has to change. Diana’s fine with it and seems more interested than frightened.

The spell Eve used indicates only a Hexenbiest can open the mirror and it must be that person’s blood used to open it. In other words, Nick can’t substitute for Adalind and as she’s about to cut herself, Team Grimm stops her. Adalind says if she doesn’t go, then they’re basically abandoning Eve. Then Nick decides to try the mystical stick and as he takes it from its box, Diana’s fascinated and her eyes turn purple.

Adalind stops Nick just as he’s holding the stick up to the mirror. She’s concerned because they don’t really know anything about the stick or what affect it will have on him. Monroe announces he’s going with Nick, but everyone is against that idea. Nick gives Adalind a hug and says he’s hopeful the stick will help him.

When Nick touches the stick to the mirror’s surface, the mirror immediately reacts. He puts his hand through, but Monroe’s worried about the possibility Nick won’t find Eve. Rosalee’s concerned Nick can’t come back, but he steps through anyway. The stick falls from his hand as Nick disappears into the mirror. Diana explains the stick can’t go through because “it doesn’t belong there.”

Nick wakes up on the other side to the sound of birds. He’s also in the forest and can see through the mirror, just as Eve was able to at first. He watches Monroe pick up the stick as everyone else looks concerned. Nick touches the mirror and it disappears, revealing the cryptic map. Nick looks around at what looks like Stonehenge. He also witnesses Blutbaden attacking each other and when one spots him, it speaks to him in German before launching an attack. They fight and Nick seems to be getting the best of it, yet the Blutbad refuses to stay down. Nick, impatient for the fight to be over, shoots him and it’s obvious this Blutbad has never seen a gun before. He dies, but Eve heard the shots and comes running.

Nick tells her the stick let him pass through the mirror but didn’t come with him. He thinks this is the Black Forest, but Eve’s sure the Wesen are different in this world. The Wesen don’t woge back. Nick’s angry Eve went through the mirror without telling anyone and she swears she was just trying to kill the skull-man or whatever it is before it killed everyone. Nick tells her the Wesen speak German and she says they’re everywhere.

Blutbaden gather around their fallen friend and howl. They sniff the air and head off to find Nick and Eve.

Adalind tells Diana to get some sleep and then tries to talk Monroe and Rosalee into letting her pass through the mirror. They’re adamant that that’s a bad idea, telling her they need to give Eve and Nick a chance to contact them or get out. Monroe suggests they keep researching when Adalind reveals Renard has a friend who knows about the symbols. Monroe and Rosalee are shocked Renard knows about all this, but Adalind thinks they have to trust Renard in order to save Nick and Eve.

Eve runs down the list of Wesen she’s seen and it’s lengthy. They’re not sure where they’re going and Nick thinks maybe this world is run by Wesen and that’s why the skull-man wanted Eve to come through the mirror. As they talk, Eve is ever so slowly woging (just her hands are changing) – even without trying to! Nick hears the Blutbaden approaching fast.

Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Wu (Reggie Lee) get filled in on what’s going on, and both are skeptical Renard will be of any help. It’s decided Hank, Monroe, Adalind, and Diana will accompany Renard (Sasha Roiz) into the tunnel. He reminds them he’s only there for Diana, and she’s the only one glad he’s there. She tells her dad Nick and Eve are in a bad place, and he asks about “the other place.”

They head into the tunnel as in the other world, Nick and Eve run from Blutbaden. They make it to where humans have built a flimsy barricade, but the humans are just as scared of them as they are of the Wesen. Nick shoots all the Blutbaden following them except for one who runs away. Nick puts his hands up and says he doesn’t want to hurt them, and then tries a little German which seems to calm them down a little. One human comes out and checks out the dead Blutbaden, declaring Nick saved them from their enemy. They drag the dead into their encampment and invite Nick and Eve in, too.

Back in the tunnel, Renard looks at the drawings and he’s confused why Eve and Diana both drew them. Monroe explains about the stick and its cloth covering, and Renard asks if it had to do with the keys. He can’t believe they found what the Crusaders buried in the 12th century and just then all the drawings light up. It’s Diana’s doing and Adalind says they need to find out how she’s connected to all this.

The humans ask Nick about his gun, and it’s obvious they’ve never seen one before. Eve starts listing Wesen and the group has heard of them all. Nick tries to communicate by drawing the skull-man as a Blutbad roasts on the fire nearby. When he shows the group the drawing, they all instantly recognize it. He motions as if to kill the skull-man, and Eve struggles in German to ask where he is. They say he’s in the Black Forest, and Nick tells Eve he thinks they’ve come full circle. Their hosts want Nick to eat a piece of the Blutbad and he reluctantly takes a bite while Eve looks disgusted.

Team Grimm shows Renard the cloth as Diana says only she and Eve can see the symbols on it. Monroe then shows him the mystical stick, and Renard’s less than impressed until they say it has healing powers. They reveal that the stick saved Nick, Monroe, and Eve. No one knows how it works, and Adalind asks if Renard or his friend know anything about this. Renard doesn’t know if his friend does, but he’ll find out.

Catching up with Eve and Nick, the townspeople are chanting “Kill the Zerstorer!” They’re happy Nick and Eve are there to save them.

The surviving Blutbad makes it back to the Stonehenge-like circle where he kneels before Zerstorer.

The leader of the humans leads Nick and Eve through the forest and then points the way to the stone circle. He won’t accompany them and is freaked out when he sees Eve’s hands, leaving them on their own.

Renard video chats with Dasha who wants to know everything Diana knows about the other place. Diana describes it as full of wild things. Dasha says it’s like two different dimensions and that one is like a pre-life or after-life. Diana describes the skull-guy and Dasha asks her to clarify if someone with a skeleton face was in the other place. When Rosalee says it tried to pull Nick and Eve through the mirror, Dasha asks if Diana speaks Russian and when he says no, Dasha reveals Diana is the Shaphat. She explains (in Russian) the skull guy could be who we refer to as the Devil and Diana could be the person intended to be his bride. Dasha says it’s the prophecy and they all should prepare for the worst.

When the video chat ends, Renard is speechless.

Eve and Nick make it back to where they came through and see the symbols from the drawing are also in the sky. In the center of the Stonehenge-like circle is a sacrificial alter and as they look around, Eve is attacked. Nick kills the Blutbad and they both realize the Zerstorer knows they’re there.

Back at Adalind’s place, Renard puts Diana in bed and then tells the team the skull guy is not after Eve or Nick, he’s after Diana. He explains she’s meant to be the beast’s child bride, and they try and figure out their next step to stop that from happening. They decide to look through the rest of the books and see if anything has been written about stopping Diana from becoming the Shaphat. The team splits up to do more research.

Nick’s got three bullets left and he tells Eve they are not splitting up. Eve wants to check the perimeter but Nick takes this opportunity to say all of this is his fault. She’d be completely safe if they never met and Eve confesses she wouldn’t change that if she could. She says she did terrible things and that she will never be Juliette again – and she doesn’t want to be. She doesn’t blame Nick at all. He asks if she really believes they’re all better off and Eve replies, “I have a strength and a purpose that I never had before. I know you’re here because you loved me once and you feel responsible for the bad things that have happened. But you can’t change any of it and I can’t change any of it.”

Eve says happy doesn’t interest her anymore and that everything happened for a reason. She says Nick is right and that she can’t kill the Zerstorer alone. Just then the ground around them begins shaking and they hear loud footsteps. The Zerstorer appears and slams his stick into the ground, sending out a shockwave that knocks Eve and Nick down. They get up and Nick fires his final bullets at the Zerstorer to no effect. The Zerstorer knows Nick is a Grimm but isn’t scared of him. He lifts his stick and green lightning charges through it. Nick asks Eve if she has any ideas as she woges into a Hexenbiest.