‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Zerstorer Shrugged

Grimm Season 6 episode 12
Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, and David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt in ‘Grimm’ season 6 episode 12 (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

At the end of NBC’s Grimm season six episode 11, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) were about to face off against the Zerstörer. When episode 12 begins, the action picks up with the Zerstörer’s staff continuing to charge, and with Nick and Eve launching an attack. He easily knocks them down, not even breaking a sweat.

Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Renard (Sasha Roiz) argue over the next step in their plan to protect their daughter. Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) fetches his family’s Bible which is a Wesen version that describes a Devil and Hell that could actually be this alternate world where Nick and Eve are stuck dealing with the Zerstörer. The drawings in this Bible don’t look like the Hell everyone’s used to seeing depicted, and the creatures could be Wesen. According to Monroe’s interpretations, the fires of Hell are inside the beasts not actually on the land. There’s even a drawing that looks just like the skull man holding his staff.

Monroe has an idea that maybe Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) can open the door and then he and Renard will go through the mirror and rescue Nick and Eve. Diana’s supposed to be asleep during this conversation, but she hears everything that’s going on.

Nick and Eve regroup for another unsuccessful attack, and they figure out the Zerstörer is attempting to push them in a specific direction.

Hank (Russell Hornsby), Wu (Reggie Lee), and Rosalind (Bree Turner) are also busy doing research but they aren’t having much luck. Then Hank finds a drawing of what could be the skull guy with writing around it in old German. It translates to “evil darkness trapped.” It also says that the evil needs a Grimm to pull it into this world so that it can take its child wife. And then Rosalee ties it all together, saying today is March 24th and that’s when the planets are supposed to align. What the map predicted is going to happen today. The Zerstörer needed Nick to chase after Eve so that Nick could bring it to our world to snatch Diana.

While Adalind and Renard continue to argue/debate who should go through the mirror, Diana quietly picks up the mystical stick. Just then Monroe gets a call from Rosalee telling him to immediately stop what he’s doing. She warns him not to open the portal or the skull man will follow Nick through. While they’re distracted on the phone, Diana puts the stick up to the mirror and it awakens. They scream at her to stop and Renard even drags her away from the mirror, but it doesn’t close.

Eve and Nick see the portal’s opening and make it through. Diana’s proud of herself for retrieving Nick and Eve, but Monroe’s worried the Zerstörer somehow came through unseen. The mirror’s completely shattered, Eve is no longer woged, and Rosalee, Hank, and Wu arrive, with Rosalee running to Monroe for a hug. Nick retrieves the stick and they’re all really concerned about the skull guy. He puts the stick back in its box as Rosalee tells Team Grimm about the prophecy and how it was supposed to all go down today. They’re still not sure if the Zerstörer made it through and Nick says, “We better hope he didn’t.”

Apparently he didn’t make it to Monroe and Rosalee’s place but he did make it to this world as something strange is happening at an out-of-the-way gas station.

Team Grimm is rehashing the events, and Monroe says this conversation they’re having was probably fated to happen. Adalind asks what it was like in that other place and Nick reveals it was beautiful, with woged Wesen everywhere. Monroe circles back to how that sounds just like his family’s Bible. Nick and Eve reveal skull man’s called the Zerstörer in that world and apparently people are referred to as walking meat. Monroe translates the Zerstörer to “the Destroyer.”

As the group’s struggling to come to terms with all this, Diana looks at Eve and tells her she’s different now and that part of her remained in the other place. Eve admits she feels a little different and then she tries to woge. She’s not a Hexenbiest anymore!

Grimm Season 6 episode 12
Hannah R. Loyd as Diana and Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Diana begins hyperventilating on the couch and then screams. She yells, “He’s coming!” over and over again.

Back at the gas station, the bathroom mirror opens and the Zerstörer steps out, plunging his staff through the chest of the unlucky man who was relieving himself. As he steps through the mirror, he transforms into a good-looking and very muscular man. He’s also naked when he next uses his staff to kill the gas station attendant.

Renard and Adalind comfort Diana, swearing they won’t let anything happen to her. She begs them not to let him find her. Nick bends down next to her and tries to reassure her, saying, “We’ll protect you, no matter what. You’re safe. I promise.” Hank and Wu back Nick up, promising not to let anyone near Diana.

After Adalind leads Diana into the other room, Renard fills Nick and Eve in on what he learned from his Russian friend about the prophecy. Renard swears he won’t let Diana become this thing’s child bride, and Nick has an idea that they can hide her in the cabin in the woods. (A flashback from season one shows Monroe and Nick approaching the cabin.) No one is connected to that cabin, so the Zerstörer shouldn’t be able to quickly figure out Diana’s whereabouts. That idea is at least temporarily shot down because the Zerstörer seems to be able to track Nick, Eve, and Diana without much effort. The next idea is to camouflage Diana, and Rosalee believes that’s possible. She needs seven herbs that are used to conceal a child from harm when administered by a Hexenbiest. Renard’s mom used it on him as a child and it worked.

Hank and Wu head to the station to find out if there are reports of crimes that could be linked to the Zerstörer coming through.

Oh, and now we see that Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) is back in town. She’s in the tunnel looking for the box and sees the drawings on the walls.

Nick tells Adalind he’s taking her and Diana someplace safe, but he won’t be staying with them. Renard will, and he’ll keep them all safe.

The Zerstörer is no longer naked.

Rosalee gives Adalind the spell to conceal Diana from the Zerstörer. She sprinkles it over her body and Diana says she didn’t feel anything. Nick takes the stick with him and they head out to the cabin. When they arrive, Nick and Renard share their “fond” memories of their first experiences at the cabin. (They had a pretty brutal fight over the key.)

The cabin’s been empty for years and Nick, Adalind, Renard, Diana, and Kelly head into the basement where years ago Nick rescued a kidnapped child. Diana’s still concerned the Zerstörer will find her but everyone assures her she’ll be safe. Nick tells Kelly he loves him and embraces Adalind in a lengthy hug while Renard stands by looking uncomfortable. Before Nick gets in the car, Adalind runs to him and warns him to be careful. They kiss and exchange I love yous, and Nick leaves his family in Renard’s protection.

Hank and Wu get a call about a double murder.

Eve looks through the books and Rosalee and Monroe point out a drawing they believe is the Zerstörer. The Zerstörer’s staff apparently has been passed down through history and is in many famous paintings including one of David slaying Goliath. Their research is interrupted when Trubel arrives. She’s anxious because she can’t find Nick or the stick, and the group catches her up on what’s going on.

Hank and Wu arrive at the gas station where they find a lot of dead bats along with two dead bodies. One looks electrocuted and is naked. The other is in the restroom and was stabbed with a big weapon. The mirror in the restroom is broken and they assume the other dead body’s clothes were taken by the Zerstörer.

Diana doesn’t want to go to bed but her mom and dad tell her she needs some sleep. After she dozes off, Renard confesses he thinks the Zerstörer will find them no matter where they hide.

The Zerstörer walks in the middle of the street and is almost hit by cars. He learns English by encountering an angry driver and some homeless people. The homeless people annoy him so he changes his staff into a snake that kills one of them.

Nick arrives at the gas station and they think the Zerstörer stabbed the victim with his staff. The surveillance video shows the Zerstörer transformed before leaving the gas station. They place an APB and Nick calls Adalind and Renard to alert them to the fact the Zerstörer is already in Portland and has killed people. He also tells them he’s woged into human form. Renard’s anxious to get out and help search, but Nick tells him he can best help by protecting his family.

Trubel’s attempting to wrap her head around the Zerstörer story and asks if they really believe he’s carrying Moses’ staff. Rosalee, Monroe, and Eve say it could be any number of staffs, including the Staff of Death from Hindu mythology. They’re just not sure, but Eve’s still confused as to why it looked like it had been put back together from lots of different pieces. They can’t find it in the reference books and they can’t figure out how he got his hands on it. Then Monroe has a lightbulb moment and reads out loud a prophecy about a staff with the power of the gods. The staff was broken into a hundred pieces to keep its powers out of the hands of evil. They put two and two together and come up with the mystical stick being a missing piece of the staff. Monroe believes the stick was buried by the Crusaders specifically to keep the staff from regaining its full powers. They think that’s what the Zerstörer is after – and Nick has the stick with him.

Eve calls Nick and tells him to return immediately to the spice shop.

Diana wakes as the Zerstörer (in skull man form) climbs down the stairs into the cabin’s basement. Everyone else is asleep while it prowls the room, but once it looks at Kelly, Diana screams. It turns out it was just a dream, but now Diana is convinced the Zerstörer wants both she and Kelly.

Nick races to the spice shop and is happy to see Trubel has returned. They hug and Trubel tells him every cell of Black Claw was destroyed. But, she’s actually in Portland because she just knew something horrible was happening. Monroe, Eve, and Rosalee explain Nick’s stick is the only piece still missing from the Zerstörer’s staff. If he gets the stick, then the Zerstörer will be unstoppable.

Hank and Wu call Nick and tell him to meet them at the station while Trubel volunteers to go check out the last known sighting of the Zerstörer. Before Nick takes off, Eve warns him to never let the stick out of his sight.

Hank, Wu, and Nick confirm the Zerstörer sighting and then prepare to head out by loading up on weapons.

Trubel finds dead cops and sees the Zerstörer walking away. Nick, Hank, and Wu get a call from Trubel saying the Zerstörer is heading toward the precinct. As they hang up, fighting breaks out in the station. The Zerstörer has arrived and Wu woges and attacks. The Zerstörer stabs him with his staff and he dies with Nick bending over him. (No!!!) Hank unloads rounds into the Zerstörer but they have no effect and now Hank is stabbed right through the throat with the staff. (No! No! No! This can’t be the end of two of Grimm’s best characters!) Nick is the only one left standing, with dead officers all over the station. Nick screams as Hank falls dead and the Zerstörer sends him flying, batting Nick away with his staff.

* * * * * * * * * *

The series finale of Grimm will air on March 31, 2017 and is titled, appropriately enough, ‘The End.’