‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Oh Captain, My Captain

Grimm Season 6 Episode 3
Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, and Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs/NBC)
The final season of NBC’s Grimm continues on January 20, 2017 with an episode directed by series star David Giuntoli. Season six episode three titled ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ kicks off with Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) creeping around his shop in the dark checking on things when he’s forced to quickly hide as a cop shines his flashlight through a window and attempts to open the door. The gang’s still downstairs and Monroe lets them know officers were outside but they left after not spotting anything. Everyone tries to convince Nick to leave so he’ll be save from Renard who’s now targeting pretty much everyone in the Scooby Gang. Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Wu (Reggie Lee) tell Nick they’ve been fired, and then Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) and Nick take off for the night. Wu, in particular, really wants Renard dead.

Renard returns home and Adalind (Claire Coffee) warns him he better not harm Nick. He returns the warning, telling her he expects her support and is well aware she can’t leave him because of what might happen to her kids.

Nick returns to the tunnel to put the cloth back with the mystical stick, admitting to Eve while he’s doing it that he doesn’t want to put it back. He feels like he needs it and in the middle of the stick talk, Eve tells him she knows he loves Adalind.

Wu and Hank print up their resignations and Renard (Sasha Roiz) reminds them they have to be out by the end of the day. Wu, however, confronts Renard and tells him it’s not right – engaging in a fierce staring contest before Renard walks away. Wu’s in the process of woging but Hank manages to calm him down, reminding him it’s not the time or place. (I’m placing a bet on Wu being the one who kills Renard, if Renard does die before the season ends.)

Eve and Nick try and figure out the symbols Diana drew, and Eve reminds him his mother said Diana has an “extraordinary destiny.” They’re both certain Diana’s way more powerful than Renard, but their talk is interrupted when Nick hears people coming through the tunnels. It’s Wu and Hank with provisions, including food and water. They’re officially unemployed and ready to help figure out how to stop Renard before he becomes mayor. Hank definitely doesn’t want to live in the tunnels with Nick!

Nick suggests they create another Renard to find out as much as possible on the soon-to-be-mayor. Hank and Wu aren’t sold on the idea of two Renards walking around and Eve says she can’t go through that change again. Nick doesn’t want Eve to do it; he’s going to use the magical hat to transform.

Campaign advisor Jeremiah pays a visit to Renard demanding to know about Rachel Wood’s murder. Jeremiah’s angry Rachel and Renard were having an affair and he saw Renard going into Rachel’s apartment the night she was killed. He’s convinced Renard murdered Rachel and demands a payment to keep quiet.

Diana’s acting like a normal kid, having fun swinging at the park under the watchful eye of her mom. Nick calls Adalind to tell her his plan and that Eve will do the spell, but he needs some of Renard’s hair.

Back at police headquarters, Renard’s busy interviewing his possible replacement, Lt. Grossante (Chris McKenna), making him swear he’ll be loyal not just to the department or the mayor’s office but specifically to him.

Over at the spice shop, Rosalee gets busy mixing up what’s needed for Nick’s transformation. Monroe’s not sure Nick should be doing this as Eve arrives to help Rosalee.

Renard arrives at Jeremiah’s place with a briefcase full of cash. But, it’s a trick of course. Grossante kills Jeremiah to prove his loyalty, earning his promotion to captain.

Adalind finds a few of Renard’s hairs and Monroe arrives to take them back to Rosalee. They’re both talking a mile a minute: Monroe explaining the plan and Adalind telling him to grab a suit of Renard’s for Nick. He reminds her she has to keep Renard home and to make sure he watches the 7pm news. Renard arrives before Monroe can leave and Adalind pushes him into the closet. Renard’s home to get a new shirt and Adalind convinces him to take a shower, lying that he has blood in his hair. Monroe is able to escape as Renard showers.

Back at the spice shop, Monroe tells Rosalee, Eve, and Nick about his narrow escape and how Adalind saved him. He explains Renard had blood on his shirt that had to do with some guy blackmailing him over Rachel, and the gang quickly figures out what happened. Eve puts Renard’s hair into the hat and tells Nick to breathe deeply three times. Rosalee stops him before he can do it, worried they don’t know what happens when a Grimm goes through the change. Nick is impatient to get started, unwilling to wait for Rosalee to do any research. Nick strips, at Eve’s suggestion, and then inhales. He doesn’t feel anything at first and then he falls over backwards as his body contorts and morphs into a Renard clone. When he stands up his body is fine, but his face shows that he’s woged. Eve tells him to relax as he starts to panic and Monroe tells him to zen himself out. Rosalee tells Monroe to stop because he’s not helping and breathes along with Nick. That works, and his face is back to Renard’s.

Meanwhile at Renard’s place, Adalind tries to convince him they need to spend time together right this very minute. He’s determined to go out and Adalind does everything but physically block the door. She engages him in a discussion about Diana’s education and finally Renard agrees to stay home for a while.

Switching back to the spice shop, Nick dresses in Renard’s clothing and admits he feels weird being that tall. The gang try and coach him on holding himself differently and walking like he’s more full of himself. Hank shows up then and Nick/Renard says, “I told you to give me your resignation.” Without pausing, Hank yells back, “I gave you my damn resignation!” It’s then that Hank realizes it’s Nick…but he still won’t shake his hand.

Adalind keeps one eye on the television while talking to Renard, stroking his ego by telling him he’s an amazing father. Finally, her delaying tactics pay off as Nick/Renard appears on television announcing he’s going to remain a police captain and abdicate the office of mayor. Adalind pretends to not know what’s going on as Nick clears his own name by saying it was an undercover sting operation that’s still ongoing. He thanks himself while the real Renard shakes his head and then finally loses it. He threatens Adalind and then storms out.

Hank and Nick/Renard arrive back at the precinct where they’re greeted in the parking lot by an incredibly happy Wu who lets them know all the officers watched the announcement. They leave Wu in the garage so he can warn them when the real Renard arrives.

The officers greet the captain with well wishes and welcome backs, and then he and Hank started packing up Renard’s computer. Lt. Grossante interrupts and demands a private meeting. Once Hank leaves, he asks what’s going on and reminds the captain he got rid of the body. Grossante threatens Renard, telling him he kept his part of the bargain by killing a man in front of him. Nick is working through this in his head and finally puts the pieces together. Acting like Renard, he demands Grossante leave his office or he’ll charge him with murder.

After he leaves, Nick starts feeling a lot of pain and thinks he’s turning back. He and Hank need to leave but they’re surrounded by reporters. The reporters throw questions at him and he can’t leave. Of course, that’s when Renard arrives in the parking garage. Wu warns him not to go up there since he’s already up there and it might be hard to explain.

Grimm Season 6 episode 3 Sasha Roiz
Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Nick tells the reporters he’ll never run for political office again. He keeps trying to leave but assures them all Nick, Wu, and Hank did “exemplary” jobs as part of the undercover investigation.

Nick and Hank arrive downstairs and Nick/Renard confronts the real Renard. They’re about to start fighting when reporters arrive in the garage. Nick, Wu, and Hank take off while the real Renard tries to convince the media he’s not abdicating the office of mayor. He tries to tell them that wasn’t him, but sounds a bit crazy.

Nick, Wu, and Hank arrive back at the spice shop with Renard’s computer. Nick’s worried that he hasn’t changed back yet and Eve’s concerned when he says he felt like he got hit by a truck but nothing else happened. She tells him the pain was the spell wearing off – but it didn’t. Eve thinks this is because he’s a Grimm and it’s possible he could be stuck as Renard forever.

The real Renard arrives back at his office and is furious his computer and briefcase are missing.

The gang starts looking for something to make Nick turn back. Renard calls as they’re trying to figure this mess out and Eve prompts Nick to tell Renard he won’t change back unless they come to an agreement. Nick tells him to really think about what it will be like in Portland with two Sean Renards and that they might even think he’s crazy for always contradicting himself. He wants a face-to-face and Renard agrees.

Hank and Wu head out to make sure Adalind and Kelly are safe.

On the roof of his loft, Nick confronts Renard and wonders if shooting him would be suicide. Renard throws his gun to the side and Nick does the same. The two men go at it and it’s impossible to tell who is who until Renard woges. Then, to Renard’s surprise, Nick woges. They’re back at it again and the fists and legs are flying.

Rosalee, Monroe, and Eve can’t find anything to reverse the spell that won’t kill Nick. Then Rosalee suggests they do it again, but turn the captain into Nick. Eve puts the kibosh to that idea, saying it’s a spell on a spell and it could kill him. Hank and Wu arrive just then with Adalind, Kelly, and Diana. They tell her the spell didn’t wear off and Adalind wants them to walk her through what they did.

Nick and Renard take a break from fighting to spar verbally, with Nick promising Renard will never be mayor. Renard says he’s not taking the blame for Bonaparte’s death and Nick says he’s not taking the blame for the North Precinct murders. Then Nick has a brilliant idea that they blame the North Precinct murders on Bonaparte, saying they went after each other. That could be the reason behind Renard resigning the mayorship – he needed to lead that investigation. Renard asks if they can go back to how it was, and Nick says they’ll figure out a way to make it work. Nick wants Wu and Hank back on the force, and he wants Adalind. Renard actually agrees but says he’ll raise Diana, reminding Nick Diana would hate it if anything happened to her dad. (Did he give up too easy? Is this a trick?)

Adalind’s finished reviewing their work and agrees they did everything right. Nick didn’t change back because he’s a Grimm. They have no idea what to do. Nick arrives (still in Renard mode) and tells them about his agreement with the captain. He also tells Adalind she gets to stay with him, but she has to share her daughter with Renard. Then Monroe brings up the possibility that maybe this Renard in front of them is the real Renard. Rosalee agrees and says the real Nick could be dead. Nick tries to convince them and then Adalind asks the location of their first kiss. The answer: at the table in his loft. He passes the test and Adalind wants to hug him but can’t hug “this” (Renard’s body).

The gang tells Nick they haven’t figured out a way to reverse the spell, but assure him they won’t give up. Diana wakes up, sees Nick/Renard, and says, “Daddy.” She puts her hand to his chest and knows he’s not her daddy. She sends him flying and after a little struggle, he’s back to being Nick. Adalind finally gets her hug but Diana doesn’t look happy at all.

Renard’s back at his place and thinks he’s alone but he’s not. Meisner (Damien Puckler) appears and tells Renard he tried to tell him he chose the wrong side.