‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Blind Love

Grimm season 6 episode 7
Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, and Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs / NBC)

NBC’s Grimm season six episode seven celebrated Valentine’s Day with an episode titled ‘Blind Love,’ which turned out to be one of the show’s best episodes over its six season run. Airing on February 17, 2017, episode seven kicks off with #TeamGrimm all shook up over romantic relationships. But, there’s a definite twist to the multiple proclamations of love: the couples are all screwed up. Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) has the tingles for Eve (Bitsie Tulloch), Nick (David Giuntoli) proclaims he’s in love with Rosalee (Bree Turner), Adalind (Claire Coffee) forces Monroe into a kiss, and Eve declares Nick is her one and only.

Next up is a flashback to 36 hours earlier and Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) checking in on Eve in bed, asking if her tummy hurts. It doesn’t, but Diana explains that her tummy hurts when she’s sad. She thinks Eve’s sad over Nick and asks if she wants him back. Diana goes on to explain she misses her real mom, Kelly, but has no idea where she is. (Eve has a flashback to Kelly’s head in a box, which is just as gross as you’d expect from that particular vision.) Adalind joins the two and reminds Diana she has to get ready to go to her dad’s.

Meanwhile, Monroe tries to guess the flavor of coffee Rosalee’s brewed up. He gets it right and Rosalee gives him a gentle kiss. And, she has another surprise – she reserved a hotel room where they can celebrate his birthday. Rosalee invited Eve, Nick, Wu, Hank, and Adalind to join them on their little getaway, and Monroe’s excited about the weekend trip.

Adalind helps Diana pack her bag, explaining that she needs her to keep the drawings in the tunnels a secret from everybody – including her dad – in case the drawings are dangerous.

Houseguest Eve steps out of the shower and sees something weird on the mirror. It grows as she pokes it, and then she sees a creepy skull-like head with green eyes staring at her from the other side of the mirror. She screams for Nick and when he enters the bathroom, the demon stares at him and then fades away. They’re freaked out and Eve thinks maybe the mirror became a window but they don’t know to where. And then Eve says it did look a lot like what she saw when she was in the death grip, but that time there wasn’t a skull-like head looking at her. They decide not to tell the group until they figure out what’s going on.

Diana hugs her dad (Sasha Roiz) and tells him she missed him, and Renard’s in a surprisingly good mood. Diana makes pancakes and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, because, yummy!

Rosalee and Monroe arrive at the hotel, but they’re not first. Nick, Eve, and Adalind are already there and Wu (Reggie Lee) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) show up just minutes later. They make plans for dinner at 8pm and Nick, Adalind, and baby Kelly hop on the elevator with a weird hotel clerk who escorts them to their room. After he deposits them on the third floor, the clerk calls his mom and tells her “that son of a bitch” Burkhardt has just checked into the hotel. I don’t think this is going to be a relaxing, stress-free weekend…

Diana and Renard share a plate of cookies as Diana draws the symbols from the tunnel, letting it slip out that she’s not supposed to talk about what she saw down there. Renard compliments her drawing skills and then takes pictures of the drawings, but she won’t tell her dad where the tunnel is or what the symbols mean. Diana warns her dad the symbols might be dangerous.

Their talk is interrupted by a man delivering trees he says are housewarming gifts from the precinct. While Renard is occupied, another man sneaks up behind Diana and grabs her. Renard searches the house but can’t find her, panics, is about to call someone, and then something changes. He seems to brush off the fact she’s missing, grabs a cookie, and stops worrying about Diana being gone.

Randy the hotel clerk gets a call from his dad who’s in prison. He tells his dad about Burkhardt – the cop who took him down – being a guest at the hotel. Randy swears he’ll make Burkhardt pay, revealing he’s going to triple the dose of something which presumably will kill Nick and his friends. (Randy and his dad are Wesen.)

Following through on his threat, Randy sneaks into their rooms and collects hairs from their brushes while the gang’s downstairs relaxing at the bar. Down at the bar, Nick talks about meeting Monroe and watching him pee on his own fence. The group toast to Monroe and Nick’s first meeting, with Rosalee reminding everyone they wouldn’t be together now if Monroe and Nick never met and became friends.

Randy woges into some devil-looking Wesen and spits into one of the champagne glasses that will be served to the gang. He deposits a hair into the glass and then repeats the process until all of the glasses are full.

Monroe thanks his friends for helping him celebrate his birthday, recalling that he met Rosalee when she saved his life. But, he confesses it wasn’t love at first sight from her point of view. Eve asks about their first kiss and Rosalee describes it as “nice.” Nick, who witnessed it, corrects her and calls it epic. Randy arrives with the champagne, compliments of the house. Monroe sniffs it and Hank volunteers to take Rosalee’s glass since she can’t drink. Nick leads a toast to Monroe and they drink Randy’s tainted champagne.

Nick and Adalind are about to get romantic in bed when Nick says he thinks he remembers the waiter from somewhere but doesn’t know where.

Back at Renard’s place, he remains unconcerned Diana’s missing even though she’s been gone all day and now night has fallen. He’s just kicking back on the couch, eating cookies and looking through her drawings when he receives a photo of Diana asleep. Lt. Grossante (Chris McKenna) calls and tells him he’s got Diana and if he wants her back, then Renard has to make him captain. If not, Diana dies. He hangs up and still Renard doesn’t seem upset or even slightly concerned. (Of course, he knows Diana is more than capable of taking care of herself no matter what the situation.)

The next morning Nick and Adalind wake up and seem confused. Over in their room, Rosalee gives a sleeping Monroe a good morning kiss but when he wakes up, he looks at her like he doesn’t care about her in the least. He heads out to get a coffee.

Hank is also awake and his eyes flash purple while he admires himself in the mirror.

Diana wakes up after being drugged and asks where she is. She wants to go home, even saying please. Grossante woges and tells her no and Diana reiterates that she said please. He says it doesn’t matter so she uses her powers to toss him across the room, repeatedly.

Nick and Monroe barely talk while grabbing coffee and breakfast. Wu arrives and he’s also distant until he looks at the server and seems to fall instantly in love. He tells her she’s beautiful and she thanks him and walks away while he says, “Wow.”

Monroe steps outside with his coffee and spots Eve walking around the hotel’s grounds. His eyes flash and he follows her, ignoring Randy when he says hello.

Nick heads back to his room but then sees Rosalee leaving hers. His eyes flash and he stares at Rosalee when she asks if he’s seen Monroe. He smiles and follows her down the hall.

Hank’s in love with himself and won’t stop staring at the mirror! “You are one damn fine looking man!” he declares.

Wu follows the waitress into the kitchen and asks if she believes in love at first sight. She’s flattered but says it sounds a little preposterous. He quotes A Midsummer Night’s Dream as she walks away to serve customers.

Monroe catches up with Eve and it’s obvious he’s smitten. She explains she’s looking at the view and he replies, “It can never hold a candle to the view of you.” Monroe tells Eve he admires her for everything she’s been through and she asks if he’s okay. He grabs her hand and says he’s in love. When Eve asks about Rosalee he says to forget her. Eve tells him to stay and heads off to find Rosalee.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 7
Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert in ‘Grimm’ season 6 episode 7 (Photo by Allyson Riggs / NBC)

Rosalee is now at the spot where Monroe was when he spotted Eve. Nick catches up to her and she asks again if he’s seen Monroe. Nick tells her she has beautiful eyes and that he’s always known they were meant to be. Rosalee is, obviously, completely confused. She thinks he’s joking, but then Nick tells her he loves her. She asks him to stop and says he’s freaking her out as Nick gets down on his knees and declares she’s the only woman for him.

Rosalee hurries away and Eve takes her place, and now it’s Eve who confesses she loves Nick while he seems indifferent. She asks if he feels the connection and says there’s no one else for her. Randy the waiter is smiling as all this is going down within earshot.

Monroe makes it up to his room searching for Eve when Adalind arrives pushing Kelly in a stroller. Now it’s Adalind’s turn to have flashy eyes as she stares at Monroe. As Monroe pounds doors looking for Eve, Adalind follows him and says she wants him more than anything she’s ever wanted in her life. She grabs his face and kisses him while he struggles to push her away. Rosalee sees this and yells, “Monroe!” and he confesses he’s in love with Eve. He doesn’t want to be with Rosalee anymore and Rosalee is heartbroken (and pregnant with their three babies) as Monroe insists Eve is everything to him. Adalind hears this and slaps Monroe, and Monroe tells her to stay away from him. Nick and Eve arrive just then and Eve struggles to hug Nick while Monroe tries to get to the love of his life, Eve. (This must have been a fun dynamic for the Grimm stars to play!) Nick and Monroe get in a fight while Adalind tries to get to Monroe and Eve tries to grab Nick. Rosalee watches, confused, from a few feet away.

Hank continues to declare his love of himself to himself in the mirror. Then he gets that sexy look on and starts singing “Let’s Get It On” while dancing closer to the mirror.

Kelly cries in his stroller while Nick, Eve, Adalind, and Monroe get all worked up over unrequited love. Eve and Adalind throw down, which interrupts Hank’s mirror lovefest. He opens his door and asks them to settle down, and Rosalee grabs him believing he might be the only one who hasn’t lost his mind. She’s wrong…and he talks about how they disturbed his “beautiful” moment with himself, his one true love. Then he notices a mirror behind the gang in the hallway and picks up his “Let’s Get It On” dance number as he approaches it. Rosalee watches and suddenly realizes they’re all under a spell. She has a flashback to the waiter passing out the champagne and declining a glass as the rest of the group get back to arguing over who loves who.

Renard, still not worried, receives another call from Grossante who this time begs him for help. Renard, in no hurry to pick up his daughter, tells Grossante he’ll be there when he can but he has errands to run first. Renard listens as Diana gets back to torturing Grossante and then hangs up, completely unperturbed.

Wu won’t stop pestering the waitress and she’s so over it she’s ready to get the manager. Randy listens in and says to himself, “That’s right, you’ll die without her.” Wu proposes and then says, “If you leave me, I’ll kill myself.”

Rosalee runs and finds the waiter and boy is she pissed. She demands he make the curse stop now and he woges and tells her they’ll all die, refusing to end the curse. Rosalee responds by woging and says, “Unless you die first.” Randy sprints off with Rosalee close behind.

Upstairs, there’s a lot of threatening and slapping going on. Nick gets on his knees and screams Rosalee while Monroe plants a big kiss on Eve. Adalind watches and screams, “Nooooooooooooo!”

Wu races up a set of stairs outside the hotel, still chasing the waitress and threatening to throw himself off the cliff. He steps to the edge, quotes Shakespeare again (this time Hamlet), and is ready to jump. Randy runs up, grabs the waitress, and threatens to kill her if Rosalee comes any closer. Rosalee tells him he’s messing with a pregnant woman and then Wu hears the love of his life scream as Randy drags her toward the edge of the cliff. Wu woges, Rosalee woges, and Randy woges, and Wu pushes Randy off the cliff. Upstairs, the fighting ends as everyone regains their senses. They have no idea what happened and Hank wants to know why he was crying and why he’s in his underwear in the hotel hallway.

Rosalee arrives and Monroe’s devastated over what just happened. He keeps saying he loves her and she tells them they were all under a spell, and Adalind realizes there was only one way to break that spell. Rosalee confirms the Wesen responsible is dead and then kisses Monroe.

Finally relaxing, Nick apologizes for this happening on Monroe’s birthday. He realizes Randy was getting back at him for locking up his dad and feels responsible for ruining the weekend getaway. Monroe says it will take more than that to break up their group, and Rosalee declares the party’s just getting started.

Over at Grossante’s hideout, he’s begging Diana to let him die when Renard arrives. She asks for another playdate with Grossante and Renard tells her she can have another one whenever she wants.

#TeamGrimm sings a rousing “Happy Birthday” to Monroe which is only halted when a waitress arrives with champagne, telling them it’s on the house. They’ll pass, thank you very much.